Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On a Jet Plane... well almost

Woo Hoo! Im so ready for a vaca! Chicago here I come!

The next word is up at OLW. Karla's word! It was awesome!

Here is my layout. I used the new "It's About Time" line from Luxe that is a CHA release.


Seriously... if the three of us lived closer, we would be inseparable. Totally. We inspire eachother, challenge eachother, & care for eachother. It's an incredible relationship.

I wanna talk about a current trend that is so hot right now...fabric!

When I did my camera strap tutorial this month, it totally opened my eyes to all the fun things you can do with fabric. Last Wednesday, Rhi' Webbie went up at SIS...  a little zipper pouch! And today Martha's webbie went up! Fabric Yo Yo's!!! I am so in love w/vintagey fabric right now! I hope hope I get to go to some fabric stores in Chicago! I need sme fun retro vintagey fabrics!

Well, I can FINALLY share this! I've been keeping it a secret for MONTHS.... I am so excited about this adventure!


I was asked by the incredible Celine Navarro to be apart of this!

This is the snippet from her blog about this...

Like most of the scrapbook artists, you often buy scrapbook magazines, but you're not really satisfied with them? So, get confortable and read this...

I am honored and pleased to announce you the creation of the company S.A.R.L. GREEN FROG STUDIO EDITIONS, company that will publish on August 20th {entreARTistes} magazine which will become, I'm sure, THE French reference as of scrapbook and mixed media magazine.

Since 2 years, {entreARTistes} the event, that I host and organize with my friend Karine Cazenave-Tapie, travel all over Europe and seduced many of you. Through the pages of this {entreARTistes}magazine, you will find what you liked during the events.

In every issue, you willl find projects created by famous and talented scrapbook artists all over the world, reports on events thourghout Europe and the globe, tips to turn your photographs into art, sketches, challenges, galeries and other NEW columns in France.

Created for new and advanced scrapbook artists, {entreARTistes} magazine will make everyone happy! You will find through 88 pages much inspiration and techniques. With {entreARTistes}magazine, discover the real concept of a scrapbook magazine : you're not even reading a magazine, you're actually taking a class everyday!

For now, we will only do this magazine in French...but who knows?

Discover on August 20th, and for just 6,50euros per issue, the French Scrapbook magazine you'll all be waiting for !

Well, back to work!


Oh, Who will I see at CHA?!


  1. Your layout looks just absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours and just how funky it is! :)

  2. ooooh congrats on the mag thing! Too bad it's gonna be in France though. :(
    Have fun at CHA! I won't be there (insert another frown face here).
    And I love that layout! So fresh. And lovely. :)

  3. Congrats girl! :) :)
    And have fun at CHA! :) I'll e-mail you soon with the measurements of my camera strap :)

  4. i definitely won't be at CHA, but i wanted to tell you congrats on the magazine!!

  5. Congrats on the magazine!!! That's great!!! You should really push for it to be in English. I may have ot order it even though I couldn't read it. Too mauch great talent and inspiration already.
    Have so much fun in Chi-Town.

  6. Dude. Congrats, Ambie! I cannot believe you are a part of that! Have fun in Chicago!

  7. Dude. Congrats, Ambie! I cannot believe you are a part of that! Have fun in Chicago!

  8. Hi great that you in the magazine. Love the lo with the tree of you.
    X Mika

  9. Me, me, you saw me!! :) Great to meet you IRL, Amber! :)

  10. i love that page so much.
    it should be a poster. and we should each have one on our walls.

  11. Congrats on Celine's magazine - what an amazing experience :)
    And I *heart* that layout so much :)
    Lusi x