Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OLW and First Appt!

Well, I had my first prenatal appt yesterday w/my midwife at the Vanderbilt Nurse-Midwife Practice. It was an awesome experience!!! So friendly... so cozy!

Everything seems to be going just great! My uterus is tilted back to I will probably not show as quickly, which is a lil bit of a bummer b/c Im so anxoius to see this lil bump and have some real evidence that all this is real, you know? She asked if I wanted to set up an ultrasound to date the pregnancy and get the heart rate so of course I said yes b/c I sooner I can see our lil baby, the happier I'll be! So that will be Sept 3rd.  Im so excited about that! Got some blood drawn after the exam and that was about it. It was a great relaxing... no stress visit! I loved it! I was 9 weeks 4 days yesterday she estimated. So incredible! This whole thing... and seeing how the baby is developing each week is totally mind blowing... I just love it!

We are in the process of moving this week. To make a long story short, Josh's grandma lives across the street from Josh's parents. We'll 3 weeks ago, Grandma had 4 strokes and can no longer live alone so she has moved in with his parents. She is doing ok. They have some therapists that come out a few times a week and she is doing well. So, they offered Grandma's house to us to rent since it's already paid for! It's twice the size of ours... Our house is just about 864 sqft... a lil historic bungalow... but for a baby we need more space. So we are moving this week/weekend. The house is a mess... boxes everywhere... haha Today I brought 95% of my scrapbooking stuff over there and I'll unload it this afternoon. Ill be spending some time there today packing up some of grandma's things and taking her things over to her at Josh's parents across the street. We are getting the moving truck Saturday. It's going to be a great move!

On that note... I will not have internet for a bit...

Now, my last scrappy project for a while... I am taking time off of everything for September to concentrate on this move and this lil baby and take care of myself...


OLW is up! I was so inspired by Ashley Wren's class and I thought this was a perfect fit! Great sponsor!! LUXE!!!!

Speaking of LUXE... The NEW gallery is up! It has some amazing features!! Go check it out!

Well... back to work! Not sure when I'll blog again... Maybe not til after the move and the craziness! xo


  1. So sorry to hear about Josh's family. but its exciting that you will have a bigger home to start your family in. And you'll have grandma and grandpa and great grandma right across the street :)

  2. Congrats on the great check up! I'm sure your heart will melt when you see your little baby on the u/s.
    So sorry to hear about Josh's grandmother.
    Good luck with your move. Hope it goes smoothly!

  3. So glad to hear that every thing is going good with your pregnancy!!!
    So sorry to hear about Josh's grandma!!
    Good luck with your move!!
    I'll be keeping your family in my prayers!!

  4. You LO....touched my heart so much!! Love the way you did your hand and Josh's hand!! So beautiful!!!
    So sorry about his grandmother!!
    Have fun with your month off and congrats!!!

  5. I'm glad to hear your appt went well. =) I'm sorry about Josh's grandma but it's a good thing his family is so close and can care for her. Good luck on the move and congrats on the bigger house!

  6. Hi. I've seen your gallery on SIStv & OLW and today I found your blog and have been hooked "catching up" on your posts. Your blog entries are fun to read (especially about your new pregnancy. Congratulations! It's such a beautiful + magical moment in a family's life :-)
    On another note. This LO is so cool. I'm loving the handprint cut-out. I saw something similar (but on a transparency) recently. The idea is awesome.
    have fun getting your new nest ready ;-)

  7. So sorry about Josh's grandmother. All the best with the move. Gonna miss you blogging but totally understand. Take a break and take care of yourself and baby.

  8. I think that layout is really wonderful. I love it. And I'm sure you are feeling very confident in your choice, but I just wanted to tell ya that my aunt had 10 children, all natural, at home, and with a midwife- and some even without! haha But it went wonderfully for them. :)

  9. Cathy3:04 AM

    Oh, I will miss you while you take time off. But get lots of rest and take care of yourself and the baby. What a great move, across from Josh's family....whooohooo. Hope you post pictures when you're all moved in...don't lift anything too heavy...hee....take care, Cathy

  10. so happy that your appointment went well! i switch to a nurse midwife last year, LOVE them. most of my girlfriends see them too and have had natural childbirths and all swear by them :)
    i LOVE that page. so sweet.
    your belly will show sooner than you think though, even with the tilt because you have a smaller frame...lucky girly :)
    congrats on the new home! sounds like a nice little house. sorry about josh's grandma though.
    have fun!

  11. Good luck with the move! So glad to hear the appt. went well. Love the midwives.

  12. congrats on being 9 weeks pregnant, and for the new house! Even though im really sorry about your grandma in law. i love your new layout, the handprint is so cool!

  13. Congrats on the move! See ya when you get back online. :o)

  14. Hi Amber just wanted to say congratulations on your wonderful news that you are having a baby! I have not been able to be online for over a month so have only just ready your blog updates!!!!!
    Congrats on the new house too, I hope the move goes well. xx

  15. congrats on the move! what a blessing for you to be so close to family...i just hope its not like everybody loves raymond!!
    if your doing all natural childbirth (it rocks!!) you should read Dr Bradleys book, Husband Coached Childbirth...its amazing...very natural...also Ina Mays guide to childbirth...good reads! I think childbirth makes you such a strong realize God created you to do AMaZinG things!!! Good luck and God always provides a way dosen't He!!

  16. oooh I love hearing baby news! Heehee:):) Love the layout for OLW..that is sooo full of love and emotion!! Beautiful:)

  17. Congrats on seeing your new little one...I wish you all the best! As for natural childbirth, I went through it and I DO NOT recommend it. Besides the irriversable damage it has done to my body, if caused some major stress on Zane and they almost had to do an emergency C-section to take him from me. You have no idea what this will do to your body and the trama that could cause to your unborn child. If you insist on it I'm sure it will be fine but PLEASE do your research and make sure you are very prepared for all that could happen. Enjoy your bloggy break...come back soon!