Friday, September 26, 2008

All Is Well...and Lil Bit's Heartbeat

Thank you everyone for your prayers! My appointment today went great! I had a full exam and everything is thick and tight and strong... just like it should be! No cerclage needed as of yet! I should be just fine! Just gotta take it easy as our baby grows!
I will be taking it very easy this weekend... then back to work on Monday.
Our next appointment, as long as I don't have any more spotting between then, will be October 31st and we will go for our "Anatomy Ultrasound" first... and we find out what we are having!!! I can't believe... it's about a month away! How fast this is going by! It was so great spending some time w/my midwife. I love her to death!

I have the Lil Bit's heartbeat to share!!!

So strong! So loud!! it's such an amazing thing to hear!

My uterus is just now starting to pop out over my pubic bone. Im not showing much due to my uterus being tilted back. Im sure in the next 2-3 weeks though, that will change! I just wanted to share the good news with everyone!

Thanks so much for the prayers! We truly appreciate them all!



  1. i am so glad to hear, amber!! been thinking bout you all day!

  2. Lydia2:11 AM

    God does answer prayers!

  3. Glad everything went well!!!
    We'll keep up the prayers for you!

  4. Malinda1:02 PM

    Amber, I am so strange. Everytime I go to look at your blog now I chant to myself, please be alright, please be alright. I will never meet you, but I think about you and your baby everyday. I really hope things go well for you. Take care.

  5. Bethany2:40 PM

    So glad that everything is going okay! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!