Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New House Snippets

Wanted to share some snippets of our new house really quick!

This is my window sill above my scraptable in our bonus room...


One of our mantles in our bonus room... still working on what all I want on it... some of Josh's vintage camera collection...dying to get a old barn star to add the mix...


Our shower curtain.... LOVE it... *Target* still gotta iron it...


Our living room shelf...LOVE all the bits and pieces... and our newly painted living room... which was NOT painted by us... we hired someone so I wouldn't be around the paint smell for long... The color is called Seaspray by Porter Paints. It's almost identical to the paint color in our old house... a very pale blue... so pretty and refreshing.


**I forgot this one earlier! It's our rad 50's kitchen table! A fun teal tabel w/aluminum legs w/orange vinyl chairs! It was grandma's!


And my most favorite thing EVER...Our new quilt for our bedroom...another Target came in this oversized bag to match... I love it. The teal and green... hmmm.... favorite!


And... I put some more of this lil precious guy up at ULMER STUDIOS...


Have a great rest of the week...



  1. Coming along GREAT! I love how colorful your decor is! We are moving in 10 months and i think that is when i will go away from color schemes (strictly 2 or 3 colors) and go for mix and match!! I love your mantle the best (o and a tie between that and the cute baby pic :-)). I hope your still feeling happy and pregnant!!

  2. sweetness! i bet your loving all that space! :D

  3. Love all the details! I keep "flowers" with my paint brushes too! :) They make a pretty bouquet.

  4. the snapshots of your new house look fab, i love your decor! :)

  5. TFS Hope ye are settling in well and everything is going smoothly for you xx

  6. Cathy2:56 AM

    Loved the snipets of your new home...can't wait to see it all done! :D Cathy

  7. what great finds! glad things are coming together at the new house, the table is pretty sweet!

  8. Gotta love Target! The mix of colors looks great-- decorating a new place is so much fun!

  9. WOW! My first time visiting your blog... but it is VERY inspiring. :) Thanks for the inspiration, and eye candy. I love your scrapbooking style.

  10. It looks so cute! :) Love all of the teal :)

  11. I have that same little owl that you have on your mantel. My son bought it for me at the Habitat for Humanity store. The house is looking so comfy and nice. Cannot wait to see the babies nursery.
    Have a groovy weekend.

  12. Lydia3:06 PM

    I have the exact same shower curtain!! lol we redid our bathroom a while ago. I love that shower curtain. YOu have good taste. lol
    Lydia in Ohio

  13. LOVE the colors you have in your new abode! Semms like things are moving along so great for you all. (I would love to see more of your table and chairs. I love that 50s stuff!)

  14. i LOVE your decor! and all the colors are lovely. thanks for sharing! i'll be stopping by lots to check it out. very inspiring! ;o)
    congrats on your little one... enjoy every moment!

  15. Andrea Mette7:02 AM

    Amber, I love that shower curtain!!! Did you find it in the store or online? I must have it - lol!

  16. I like the snippets!! Good luck with everything:)

  17. Hi the snippets are cool, and your baby is so amazing!!!!

  18. amanda4:58 AM

    Love it! Let us know if you need anything...we ARE neighbors now! ;)

  19. i LOVE your oh-so-inspiring house! wow! the decorating is so creative and thrifty and eclectic!
    I love every bit of it!

  20. it all looks so american!
    i love.

  21. Hey Amber, your home looks really pretty ! Love all the photos ! Aida

  22. every tidbit is perfect!!! im so excited for you! its beautiful...i wish i could come visit:)
    miss you and love you!
    i see my vases that we both have too:)