Monday, September 22, 2008

Old Friends & 13 weeks

So last weekend, we had a bachlorette party for one of my girlfriends from jr, highschool and college. She now lives in Bowling Green (where we went to college) and is a nurse so it was so great to see her again! It was great to see everyone again. These 3 girls in these photos... well... we have been friends for over 10 years... We are inseparable in Jr. High. We cheered and danced together... we've been together through good times and bad times... I love these girls and hope to be spending some more time with them!

This is me and Katie...We used to have a notebook and pass it back and forth after classes in Jr. High. We used to fold the pages in all kinda of crazy ways...we used to dream of being choregraphers...We made a KILLER TEAM as CAPTAINS of our cheerleading squad... It was so great to spend some time together again.


Hannah and Ashley...Gosh. Love these girls. Hannah and I... well she was my first friend when I moved to Mt. Juliet and started Jr. High. We sat together in the bleachers before school started...we carpooled to the school dances...we did everything together. Ashley...instant friends. We even roomed together in college. In college, we pretty much did everything together before we joined different sororities. She was my maid of honor almost 4 years ago. Now... she's getting married... and has a baby on the way... Our babies will just be a little over 2 months apart. So exciting! (pardon the grainy photo...The Spaghetti Factory had HORRIBLE lighting)

Now a 13 week belly shot... Definitely a lil more of a baby bump going on... The bloating has started to die down. Im so glad! I go for my 2nd prenatal appt on Friday. We should be able to hear the heartbeat! Im going to take our lil camera that records video so we can capture it. I can't wait!

I started feeling a lil faintness and dizzyness this weekend. Im keeping an eye on it. I hate that feeling. Josh is taking such good care of me.. and the baby. :)


Well, that's all I have to share today. Back to work.



  1. yay for good friends! I totally did the notebook thing in junior high with my friend too! And I'm going to visit her next week in Chicago. It's sad when good friends live far away.

  2. ooh such gorgeous photos, congrats on the baby!!!! and good luck with the scan xxx

  3. How fun!!! I love to catch up with my girlfriends!!!
    Love the baby bump photo too!!!

  4. congrats on being 13 weeks! :D I'm sorry youre feeling kinda sick though. Looks like you had fun with your friends, im glad you got to see them and have fun with them!

  5. 13 WEEKS~!!!! yay! ill call you soon! im so excited!
    i hope you are loving your new home:)
    love you!

  6. high school memories...sigh...i was homeschooled so mine are a bit different. =) you're belly is so cute. the bloating..ugg..i hate it. i feel like i am 6 months. i will have to remember the video idea. wished i had that with my other ones.
    thanks for the morning sickness advice. i have been sucking on candy non-stop! have you had your iron checked?? that can trigger dizzyness. hang in there!

  7. love the belly shot, the colors, the feel. it's too cute!

  8. you are too cute!
    your baby bump is just sweet.
    glad you are feeling better.