Friday, October 31, 2008

And It's A....


YUP!!!!! It's a girl!!!! I will upload the ultrasound photos later b/c I am back at work! That is just a lil dress we picked up at Old Navy a few weeks ago hanging on the frame in her nursery. Probably will paint the frame another color now...

She waved at us... made sucking movements w/her mouth, had her hand up by her head... We got 2 3D shots... We'll get some more later. She is just darling!

Oh... and by the way...Her name is...


She weighed appox. 9.5 oz.

Heart Rate was 135.

We nailed down her name about 2 weeks ago I think... so it was really funny to see how many ppl suggested Josephine.

As for the winner of the RAK... the first person to suggest JOSEPHINE was

JENNIFER COMPTON so Jennifer, I will be emailing you for your address today!

I do a little something that has some cause for concern...

Posterior Placenta Previa.

My midwife says that it could've been the way Josie was laying... she was face down and very low... but the placenta could move later on as my uterus grows. I will have another ultrasound at 28 weeks to see it's position. If the status is the same... looks like I'll be delivering Josie via C-section. Praying that the placenta shifts w/the growing uterus... but if it doesn't, as long as I deliever Josie and she is happy and healthy, I don't care how to get her outta me. The most important thing to us is that she and I are healthy. So we are ok. I am going to start doing some research on Placenta Previa and educate myself so if you have any links to share or sites, please do. Im a avid visitor of BabyCenter so I will be checking there first.

I also will have another ultrasound in 3 weeks to re-measure Josie's head. She was so low and laying in such a way that it was really hard to get a good measure on it. So we will get some more 3D pics then too!

So that is the latest!

We are just so elated!! Josh was grinning ear to ear. He was hoping it was a girl... He has 2 sisters so he was really hoping for a lil baby girl!

Now to let all this soak in and enjoy it... Be back later w/ultrasound photos!




  1. oh a baby girl.
    i am so happy for you
    sweet friend. you
    will be the best mama!!!
    love you

  2. So much fun!!! Congrats to you and Josh!! Thinking he would be so wanting a girl...there just any more wonderful with a father and daughter relationship....I'm a dad's little girl will be so much fun!!!
    Hugs, Cassandra

  3. How very little women!
    LOL, Ashley Wren almost got her way about the middle name ;-)

  4. Meghan E10:48 AM

    How exciting! COngrats :)

  5. congrats to you both! great name choice!

  6. Yay, a little girl!!! Congrats to you and Josh!!! Such a beautiful name you've chosen!!!
    Sending lots of prayers that all will work out just fine!!

  7. awwwwwwwwww!!! COngrats Amber!!! That's soooooooo awesome!!

  8. Congrats!!! Hope all works out!!

  9. Yay! Congrats!! :) :) You are going to *love* having a sweet baby girl, I think it's extra special when your daughter is born first. ;) Maybe because we have Katie and I'm expecting a boy now?? haha! :) Yay! :)
    I hope everything turns out well with the placenta previa, I'm sure it will.

  10. Vanessa4:44 PM

    yay YAY YAAAAAAY!!!!! : )

  11. sherrivonl1:28 AM

    how exciting amber, love the name!!!

  12. i think the name changed since we last talked;)
    congrats on your girlie!! she will be sweet!
    Josie will be a sweet lil name for your lil bit, but now you get to call her Josie!!!
    so happy for you and Josh!
    praying for you, sweet girl!!!

  13. congratulations!! baby girls are SO MUCH FUN (to dress). (:
    i will be praying for you and josh.
    i'm super stoked about winning the RAK. it's my first time!!
    will be looking for more updates on baby JOSIE.

  14. So exciting Amber! Congrats to you and Josh!

  15. Oh my goodness, congratulations!!!!!!

  16. congrats amber!!!
    Love the name Josephine!!

  17. Charlene5:16 AM

    I have the same thing and I go at the end of the month to confirm. I know that I have carried very low with this baby and they are concerned as well. If I do get diagnosed that means C-Section for me to... Let's hope it all moves like its suppose to for both of us. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Congrats on the baby girl!

  18. congrats!! Oh, and we had the same placenta previa thing at 20 wks, the placenta hadn't moved at 28wks, but then we had another U/S at like 32 weeks or something and it had moved, so yay! There's plenty o' time for it to move outta the way, congrats on having a girl, the cute clothes are the best part!!

  19. My Grandmother's name was Josephine. In honor of her, my cousin named her one and only daughter Josie.
    Congrats to you!!!!