Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yes... being pregnant has made me cherish every moment even more than I did before. I finally scrapped! Simple... yet perfect... our Lil Bit's first layout from Mama!


I used the some photos Josh took at our first ultrasound at 10 weeks. I love that our ultrasound place is so awesome about letting us take pictures of the screen! That way it gives us so many more than the 4-6 they print out for you! I love the ModaBella line from AC... the colors make me happy.

This whole approaching motherhood thing has great a lot of amazing emotions for me. Some that I really can't even describe really. I have kept a journal... I haven't written in it enough... I will start writing more. It's very overwhelming to think of the words that even come close to what this feeling is like... especially having a rough childhood w/my own mother... so being a "mother" is something I am so very passionate about.

I have started to feel Lil Bit's first movements! Monday morning, I rolled from my side to my back and laid my hand on my stomach like I usually do, hoping to feel something, and I did... I felt a lil kick on the inside on my hand! I have felt the early flutters before this too, but this was the most distiguishable kick. It was so awesome! I don't have much "padding" over my uterus so my midwife said I would probably feel the baby sooner. Im feeling the baby flutter right now as Im typing! Lil butterflies! Josh can't wait til he can feel the baby... and he keeps asking every week... "Can the baby hear my voice yet?"... which I think is so precious. He can't wait to start talking and reading to Lil Bit. I told him next week Lil Bit should be able to start to hear the outside world. 17 weeks.

My eating has definitely kicked up too! It feels so good to crave food and be hungry! I "out-ate" Josh last nite! haha

We have picked out 2 paint colors... Both green. One is a lil darker which will probably be if Lil Bit is a boy...and the lighter color if Lil Bit is a girl...

Celery Sprig (boy)


Celery Bunch (girl)


So that is the current colors for the nursery! I have a big canvas art piece that is pink, green, and yellow pears that will be the decor focus if Lil Bit is a girl. So cute! Ill post a photo of it soon. If it's a boy... not quite sure what the "decor focus" will be. Nothing sports or jungle theme... Josh and I are NOT sports people... and don't really care of the colors of all the "jungle" theme stuff... All of the furniture is white... we are using my younger brother's crib, who is now 10. We have a white dresser we will use for the changing table and we have a hutch that we will paint white that is currently brown, and we will get a white glider.

So that is the latest... Ill be back this week w/a 16 week belly shot... and maybe another layout!



  1. So get this.
    When we had baby #1 we had all of our close friends and family make a list fo their top 5 songs of all time (not baby songs...just songs) and then we compiled them into a huge CD set. My hubby and I each got to vito 5 songs from the final list. I was not too into my sister's pick of the 80's power ballad, "I Wanna Know What Love Is".
    Then we piped the music into my belly with a special set of baby belly speakers. And guess what? Our daughter is totally musical. Not sure if it made a difference, but we have a rocking 5 CD set to listen to anyway. And it was super-fun!

  2. Such sweet pictures on the layout...and LOVE the color choices!!!

  3. Aww!! Isn't it the most amazing journey??!! So much fun :)
    Your decorations for the nursery sounds so cute! We're like that too...NO sports themes for us, or cartoons really. Just color and patterns :)

  4. i love the layout you did! so simple and cute!

  5. We are painting our living room "Crisp Celery" which is a tad bit darker than celery sprig (that was my first choice!) How funny!

  6. amanda11:22 AM

    Oh Amber, I am so excited for you! Having children really does change your whole outlook on life...at least it did for me. Cherish every moment and step of the way b/c it goes by so fast. I love the colors you have chosen...you know almost our whole house is green. Congrats on the new car! How awesome is that!! And I am glad to hear Josh found a job that he seems to be enjoying. We really miss you guys.

  7. your colors totally remind me of the part in juno when vanessa paints the two swatches of "custard" and "cheesecake" on the wall and mark looks at her like she's gone mental.... i would do the exact same thing!!! good luck with your decorating!!

  8. your colors totally remind me of the part in juno when vanessa paints the two swatches of "custard" and "cheesecake" on the wall and mark looks at her like she's gone mental.... i would do the exact same thing!!! good luck with your decorating!!

  9. Cathy3:15 AM

    Just read that Josh has a new job!! Where??!! Do tell! So happy for you guys...Cathy

  10. Congrats on feeling those first little kicks! It really hits home when those kicks start up. Love your layout. The colors are perfect!
    Love the nursery colors! Perfect for either boy or girl.

  11. beautiful page! :D

  12. Amber, I adore that layout!!

  13. Love your Lo, made yesterday something like that with my own little one photo's. Mika

  14. Hi there Rach
    I love that Layout > wow!!
    Just seeing if i sent u that stamp??
    I think i did ..im just checking as it was a while ago ..
    How was ur weekend??

  15. amazing and moving layout

  16. love the layout. i have the small feelings about being a mom as you. you will be an incredible mother...you already are. glad you are growing and changing so well =)
    any new scripture that you are reading lately?? i need a new perspective!

  17. Beautiful page Amber..and the colour choices are awsome.
    i also go with just colour and a few accent pieces/wall art.They'd be more timeless than cartoons and such..take care and have a great week :)

  18. very nice site! Post more picture! thanks for posting