Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall & Furbabies...


Just about done w/the week.

It has been going by so fast. It meaning the year. This pregnancy. This season.

I absolutely LOVE Fall. It's my favorite, next to Spring.

I love the colors.

I love the flavors.

I love the chill that causes you to seek warmth in someones arms.

I love the layering of clothing.

I love the lattes.

I love the crock pot recipes.

Seriously, the list could go on.

Josh took this photo last year I think...


It just makes me happy.

Im sad it's coming to an end. I wish we had a longer Fall here in TN. It jumps to winter too quickly. Mmmm...

I know I haven't posted much about our lil furbabies...So I just had to today! They are just precious. Ill tell a lil story about each... and how they are loving the house.


When we moved it, we put his crate (which is nicely cushioned) in the guest room.

He has now claimed that as HIS room...

So he takes his woobie (a sheet we have tied in knots that he sucks on and has become his blanket) from his crate and pulls it out... carries it around the house with him... pulls it up onto the couch if we are all on the couch... carries it with him downstairs...carries it back upstairs... and drags it into his room and plays with it. He'll thrash it around or lay down and suck on a corner. It's his woobie. It might be the cutest lil thing about him. Makes him so "child-like". I love that about him.



She is a cuddler. With everything/everyone. She wants to be comfy...She's such a lil girl. So sometimes when we leave to go to work, she will start off downstairs on the couch down there... that I have a blanket on so it doesn't get all Roxy hair all over it. She will make sure she is perfectly placed on that blanket. And that a pillow is also there for her head to rest on. Then sometimes, when I am getting ready for work, she lays on her body pillow that is at the end of our bed... along w/a blanket of hers. Curled up in a lil ball. And sometimes, I will come home, come up the stairs... and go back into the bedroom... and she is still there... like she never got up all day. She'll yawn... and stretch and roll over for belly rubs and kisses and she pats me on my head and kisses my cheek. Again, another "child-like" pup we have on our hands.


Just thought I was share some furbaby stories today.

Hope to have a great weekend planned...Trying to slow my weekends down a bit. I've been doing too much and getting exhausted.

So we will go to Babies R Us and start our registry. Im excited about that! We will do one at Target too later. We have someone coming to give us an estimate on a fence for the dogs in the backyard... as well as fixing the downstairs bathroom...Needs a new floor and pedestal sink.

Saturday night, I plan on hanging out HERE and having some scrapping fun!

And I got THIS in the mail that I SO need to play with... Im pretty excited about it... It is so FALLISH and wonderful!

Sunday will be church, and going to a lil premier party of Oliver Kelly's music video. Should be fun!

Everyone have a great weekend!

OH, I added some photos over at ULMER STUDIOS of a recent session w/a cute lil boy... If you want to take a peek!



  1. Oh, gosh...I love fall, too! :) The flavors and layers and leaves...its short here in Vancouver, though - it just rains and rains all over and the leaves on the ground are just a pain! lol...:) And your furbabies sound just precious...:)

  2. i don't mind sharing my room with harley!
    he's a cutie, hee.
    sigh. i love furbabies. i could listen to stories all the time.
    i'm always worried i'll be one of those annoying people who talk about their pets when nobody else cares. so i don't really talk about zoe.
    but this is a safe place.
    because YOU are one of those annoying people too.
    you know i love you really ;)

  3. I WISH we can have Fall here in Miami :( Your furbabies are sooo cute!

  4. Hi Amber! I'm about to cry reading your blog, just seeing how happy you are. I am so glad you are having a girl. I remember finding out I was having a girl and it was absolutely the happiest moment of my life, except for when I actually had her! Girls are very, very fun. You are lucky. I would love to see your little belly in person. We miss you at Jenni's pack night!

  5. Nice 2 meet you! I love my furbabies, too! I've got 2 pugs!