Monday, November 03, 2008

Josephine Wrynn

 And here SHE is... We will get some better 3D ones when I go back in 3 weeks... she was hiding!


With her lil arm above her head...

And the GIRL confirmation shot...

And a 2D profile shot... w/her lil hand up by her head...

This weekend, we HAD to do some Josie shopping! Hit our fave spot... Old Navy. I had to get this lil Lion for her... it is just too cute... and the lil birdie rattler... and the bunny is a gift from a friend.

And some cute summer/fall clothes for her... the dress on the right is my favorite!

and some more sweet stuff!

With her middle name being Wrynn (inspired by Wren), we will be picking up lil birdie things along the way for her... would love to find a lil receiving blanket or something w/lil birdies on it!

We had a great weekend... Josie shopping... Mama shopping...Daddy shopping. I was really needing some fall/winter sweaters for work so I snagged some at Forever 21. My therory is this... by normal clothes as long as I can... things that stretch out and are longer so I can wear them post pregnancy... so it's not a waste of $. Now, Im sure some Feb and March, I'll be all up in Motherhood Maternity or something... but til then... It's still Forever 21... just up a size!

We went over to my parents on Sunday for our usual hang out, dinner, and a board game and they got to watch Josie's ultrasound. Dad was just amazed! Being the musican that he is, he can't wait to start singing to my belly! I love it. I think Josh is going to ask him to write a lil song and show Josh the chords on the guitar so Josh can play and sing it to her! Im gonna LOVE that! Annie is so cute too... she talks to Josie and kisses my belly whenever we leave... I love it. And Jonathan... he's going to be such a great lil uncle. He is so cute too... patting my belly and telling Josie he loves her and almost 10, he is really fascinated by the ultrasound stuff. It's awesome! We drove by Keegan's work and stopped and showed him the ultrasound photos. He loves it! He's going to be a great uncle too! I think we will see a whole new side of Keegan once Josie is born. Im excited!

It's been really amazing seeing how my family is interacting w/Josie even while she is still in my belly... I love it. Dad just loves seeing me every week and how my belly is growing. He loves it.

Well, I wanna share w/you a lil something Josh is working on at work... His project, Josiah Road. It's in the process of being revamped... but until then, they are going along w/their regular posting. I love seeing how his writing has progressed and grown. I love seeing how God is speaking to him during his quite time and how he is sharing it to inspire young Christian teens. Here is his post for today: TWISTER.

Well back to work...xo

Oh, if you find any cute birdie baby things, please leave me a link! :) Oh... and anything in the pink and orange color combo... Not for the nursery... just clothes or blankets... xo

OH! I just got this in my inbox from Ashley w/CoCoCupcake Designs! She made Josie this lil onsie! How stinkin cute is this! I can't wait to get it! And it's even a lil birdie!! Thanks so much Ashley!




  1. You are just to cute!!! I'll have to keep my eye out for birdie now!!! What a exciting time in your life....Thanks for sharing it!! Love reading your blog post becuase they always make me smile!!!

  2. Just found these adorable hair pins today on etsy....of course, she may have no hair for a while.
    I'll keep my eyes out for some birdie fabric. I'll sew you a little burpy, bib and blankie combo if I find some that is super cute.

  3. Love the clothes!! :) Old Navy is the best, and girl clothes are sooo much fun! :)

  4. Awwww!!! She's just beautiful!!!!
    Super cute clothes you found!!!

  5. Holly Terra9:39 AM

    so cute!!! I am 37 weeks and I wore regular clothes for a long time too! I am due so soon and time flew by! You will have a fabulous time shopping for girly things. I love what you found at old navy!! congrats, friend!!!!

  6. She's beautiful! I absolutely love the bird theme idea! :D

  7. She is beautiful!!! Ok... I can't really tell what she looks like. :) But I KNOW she is going to be beautiful! How can she not be with her awesome looking parents!!!
    Can't wait to see you guys!!!

  8. How cute! Congrats! Don't you go and give me baby fever! Don't you do it! LOL!

  9. so excited for you!!!!! i am hoping for a little girl too and i have been collecting bird items as well. nice to see someone else who shares the same taste =)

  10. I can't wait to see little Jo-Jo when she gets here. Oh yeah, I already came up with a nickname. Girls are so much fun! I have only one daughter and two sons. Savor every minute, every second, because they grow up so fast. Congratulations!!!! And I where did you get the little birdie. So cute

  11. yay for baby josie!!!
    girls are so fun!
    i can't wait to see how adorable she is going to be :)

  12. congrats!!!! here's some blankies i found on etsy hope you like and congrats again!!
    and I thought these were just the cutest: