Friday, December 12, 2008

♥Kitschy Koo♥

So today it was really fun to pop over and see THIS feature by Danielle Thompson.

Thanks Danielle!

We have a pretty slammed weekend ahead! Im so excited about it!

2 Creative Sessions tomorrow!! Going to be so much fun! A sweet & adorable family from Chattanooga & some sweet friends of our who moved away to TX for the husband (who was Josh's best friend) to go to Seminary and they are expecting a lil baby girl a month before us! I'm really itching to get behind the lens so this is going to be great!

I must attempt to accomplish some scrapbooking this weekend too...

And today I am going to turn some normal gloves into more "winter photography" friendly gloves for the session tomorrow. Ill post a picture once I get them done!

Danielle directed me to this awesome site... Plaid Pony Vintage and I just fell in love w/this quilt...


Im dying to start collecting some things for when Josie gets here and we do newborn photos of her!

I found this etsy shop... Everyday Beautiful

She serioulsy has some of the cutest hats!

Not to mention THIS that Im drooling over!


And I saw THIS that I love too!


Well...I must get back to work.



  1. Cute cute stuff! :) :)
    Thanks for the prayers, I'll be glad to have this next Dr. visit and hopefully get better news. :)

  2. Super cute stuff Amber! You are a brave woman doing this naturally. I couldn't wait for the epidural :) Much luck & lots of Happy Wishes for you!