Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Monday...

Monday can sometimes be pretty random...weekend recaps, things to update & share, and just plain chatter.

Saturday, Josh went out and did some Real Estate Photography for a local company we are working with. Pretty insane home... On the market for 1.2 million I think. Amazing! We did some grocery shopping, picked up the paint color for Josie's room. Ill have to post the color. I forget the name. It's just a pretty cream though. Soft and neutral since her blanket is so bright and full of color! Plus, it will be great for baby #2 whenever that comes along. So we picked up the paint and spent the rest of the evening working on our Wedding Contract. We have client consultation tonight and we are soooo pumped about it!

I do want to share this...


Im so in love w/them!!! So fun!!! I had a blast putting them together! So local girls... be looking for them in the mail next week or so! ♥

So our house is a spilt level. Love it.

However, our garage is downstairs with our "bonus room" that we have our computer set up at and stuff... So it gets pretty chilly down there while we are working in the evening. So we bring down a lil space heater... and this is the scene every evening...


He sits right in front of it w/his woobie. Roxy is content on the leather recliner or on her big pillow that is on the couch.


These 2 are quite the pair. I just can't wait for Josie to be added to the mix! They are going to do so well with her! Especially Roxy. She is so gentle and maternal w/me. I love it!

Sunday we had a photo session down town for something I am going to be getting involved with that Im really excited about!

With January coming to a close... We are on crunch time now for getting Josie's nursery done. I think Josh and his sister are going to be painting this weekend and my shower is in a few weeks so hopefully her bed will be all ready to go after that and we just have to wash her clothes and put them away! I think I'll do some of that as a part of my labor project. I have a couple frames to paint and put together for her wall decor.  I'll share more about my plans for labor and delivery later as we get closer.

9 more weeks. Oh my!


  1. The pups look so sweet and comfy. I'm curious what kind of dog Roxy is? When I was pregnant with JB, we had a Staffordshire Terrier and she was SO loving and maternal with me, like you said Roxy is. Roxy looks like Jessie did and I'm wondering if they are the same kind of dog?
    Can't wait to see the nursery. I'm sure it is beautiful. Have fun at your shower!

  2. Enjoy your last weeks. Mika

  3. Congrats on your super sweet family....Love your blog...good luck for the next couple of weeks the end of being pregnant is always challenging but so worth it. I have three kids and they are my life so good luck..Gloria King