Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Puppy Lovin

  Still here... waiting for lil Miss Josephine to arrive...

Here is my 36 week belly photo... This was taken Monday... and yesterday I dropped even more... and walking this morning is definitely a lot more painful than it was yesterday and my back is rather crampy... So we'll see... I have another appt on Friday.


We are ready though... hospital bag is packed... carseat is in the car!

I gotta share some sweet puppy love b/c I know once Josephine is born, I'll be posting tons of her... These 2 have really shown some amazing characteristics toward the end here...


In the evenings whenwe are processing clients photos, I occasionally will crash from the long work day. These 2 pile up w/me on the recliner and just cuddle. So sweet!

And some more cuddly photos...



Just the sweetest things these two!

I do have a really funny story to share about Roxy...

So to introduce them to the idea of a baby, we purchased a lil babydoll to carry around and put in Josie's swing and stuff to get them use to the noises and the "baby"... well the 2nd night we started this, we put the "baby" in the swing in the living room. Let it run for a bit and turned it off. Kept "baby" in there though.. and watched a movie.. then went to bed. Well, we were waiting for Roxy to hop in the bed w/us and we couldn't find her. So we go out to the living room and there she was sitting, in the dark... sitting in front of the swing w/her back to it staring at us... Basically telling us.. "Hey, you fogot the "baby"... So Jsoh picked "baby" up and carried it to Josie's room and laid it in the crib as Roxy followed him and then Roxy ran to our room and jumped in the bed with me.

Talk about maternal instincts! It was so great to see that she already "gets it".

Well that is all for today. My posts have been rather scattered with all the preparing but we will update the blog when I go into labor!



  1. michelle.woods4:22 AM

    Dogs really do the coolest things when is comes to protecting babies/kids. Alex follows me everywhere and when I go outside she waits for me by the door. But when Dalton was a baby, he and I were the only ones home and I but him down for a nap and was on the front porch planting flowers. I had the monitor on the porch with me but I stuck my head in the front door just in case. I thought it was strange that Alex was not begging to be with me. No, she was camped outside the nursery door! Like "hey you are not supposed to leave this baby alone so I am picking up your slack."
    I am 35wks and 1 day - go to the Dr. tomorrow!! We are so close to having these girls!

  2. Susan Jenkins5:02 AM

    Wow, Amber, I can't believe it's almost here!!! I'm so excited for you two. I've missed seeing your work. You sure will have a ton of inspo after the baby comes! Good luck!
    Susan Jenkins

  3. corinne5:32 AM

    back cramps are probably light contractions, if they get worse you are getting Josie soooon! my friend had back pain and she didn't think any of it until she couldn't stand them no more and than thought hmmm maybe I will not have tummy contractions, which in her case she didn;t just her back. thinking of you!

  4. All I had with my first one was a little back ache, so watch out, lol!!! OMG, just cherish this time, it is such a sweet time in your life. I have to go register my oldest for high school next week and I am very emotional about it. It literally feels like only about 5 or 6 years ago I was where you are right now.

  5. hey sweet love
    Auntie Celine here :) thinking of you here in sunny southern France.
    Best of luck, know that someone far away thinks about you a LOT :D

  6. Wow! Its the time prepare and count down for your new family member to come!!!

  7. Hey Little Mama... I was thinking about you today.. and thought I'd better check in and see if your little one had arrived yet....
    It won't be long now... Can't wait to "meet" her:)

  8. Oh My Goodness!!! Look at your perfect little baby belly! Mmmmmm So So Sweet Miss Ulmer Pants!!! :)
    I love the Roxy story. It's so amazing how in-tune they are with humans. Amazing. Your furbabies are so precious.
    I miss you little dear. :) I'm so excited for you guys and your bebe on the way. How absolutely wonderful. I will be keeping you in my prayers. I cannot wait to see your new little bundle.
    Hooray for sweet tiny people!

  9. Your belly looks so pretty!... And your furbabies are soo cute!

  10. erica8:09 AM

    Our pug is very protective of our son. When he'd cry, Rascal would run over and get to the crip first to see what was wrong. Then, when people would come over to visit, he'd bark as the baby was passed between people. Even though he knew the people, he'd still bark at them.
    Now my son is 19 months old and they are the best of friends. They are always right next to each other. Recently, we switched my sons bed to a toddler bed and Rascal now tries to sleep with him.
    We also have a routine where Rascal wakes Nicholas up each morning. As soon as he hears him moving he runs over to the door of his bedroom and sits.

  11. what a sweet story about the dog and the "baby". :)
    so excited for you!