Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winner...Moby...& Daddy

And the Random Number Generator thingy picked comment number...
Number 18

I would love to win this!!!!Your baby is sooo precious!

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kat eisner |
March 25, 2009 at 03:17 PM

Kat, email me at
& we'll get you set up!

Thanks for everyone that commented! Your words of encouragement are so helpful!
So today... we tried out my Moby Wrap
Once I got it fitted right... she fell right to sleep w/just some singing of our favorite song...
You are my Sunshine.
My dad and mom used to sing that to me.
I have her head poked out a lil here so you can see..

So sweet...
I love just listening to her breathe.
This wrap is so versatile.
It will change w/her as she grows.
It's a lil challenging now to get it fitted just right b/c of how tiny she is, but the more practice the better.
One of my sweet blog readers...
Ashlee Baker
makes ring slings and she going to be sending me one!
How sweet!
Those are definitely a lot "easier" to just throw on and pop her into so that will be so nice too!
So thanks so much Ashlee!
And another sweet gift from a blog reader and SISter over at SIS
Lacey Baker
(no relation to Ashlee... I don't think)
made me a adorable nursing wrap!

I just love it!
I've already used it several times when we've gone to the dr. office and running errands.
So thank you so much!

This week of Josh being back at work has been hard emotionally for me.
As soon as  he walks in the door, I just burst into tears...pretty hard.
I just get so happy to see him... smell him, hear his voice...
Here are some quick shots of him and sweet Josie when he gets home.
The shots are pretty grainy b/c I didn't feel like dragging out the flash so I just bumped the ISO.


Just too sweet.

Well...that is all for today.
I've really enjoyed blogging more since she came.
Thanks for reading and commenting!


  1. awwww, i remember those days. we have a moby wrap too and i love it. especially for longer trips out [like when we went to a theme park last summer].

  2. Those are the sweetest pictures :)
    That moby wrap looks great, I never did get a wrap but still want one! ;)

  3. those pics are so sweet! its funny how much more in love you are with your hubby when you see him with a baby...its almost like it's magnified:)
    I hope you love the sling:)

  4. mary patterson-ezzell10:59 AM

    amber, these photos of her & her daddy are just so precious!!! thx for sharing & congrats again on you beautiful new baby girl - :) m-

  5. just know that is totally normal to be like that with josh...I was totally the same way..heck I would even call Brandon mid-day all choked up on the phone. :) The best advice my friend gave me was whenever you feel like crying, just do it!! Get it all will feel better and just know that this mommy thing gets a little bit easier every day. :)

  6. That last photo is EXACTLY how I remember my hubby with our first (and second and third) and EXACTLY what he still says he can't wait to do when bubba # 4 arrives in a couple of weeks; falling asleep with a little one resting on his chest. Sigh. SO beautiful.
    Newborn or not, I still get emotional when my hubby comes home most days - love having him close.
    You guys are just gorgeous.
    Love Lusi x

  7. Lacey Baker3:41 AM

    I totally understand the bursting into tears thing! I would do the same thing when Michael would come home. And I love those pics. with Josh and Josie. They remind me of the pics. we have of the girls with their daddy. You are so giving me the baby bug!
    Also, thanks for linking me:) I am so glad you are using it. I know mine was so nice to have in restaurants and church. Take care:)

  8. Amber shes so precious! Love the wrap!
    My mum used to sing you are my sunshine to me, and then I sang it to my little girl when she was a baby! It was the only song that would get her to sleep. She has a little musical toy now that she loves, that plays the song. So sweet! <3