Monday, April 13, 2009

A Whole Month...

I can't believe it's been a month!
Took the typical photo of her next to a stuffed animal that we will do every month to watch her growth...
In her cute lil Easter dress!

We had a great Easter with family and lots of yummy food!
The past week has been filled w/her eating and sleeping still.
She's a pretty good napper.
After she nurses, she's out for a good 2 hours.
At night, she is waking up about every 4 hours to eat so she is feeding about 2 times a night.
A lot easier on mama.
As her lil tummy gets bigger, and she puts on more weight, it will stretch out some more.
Oh, speaking of... question for you nursing mamas out there...
When your baby started sleeping more at night, did you wake up to pump at night so you weren't engorged or don't get a plugged duct?
I've had 2 plugged ducts.
One was minor but lasted a couple days then was gone.
The other was horrible. I was in pretty bad pain.
But I did was your suppose to and did warm compress before nursing, then nursed w/her upside down basically.. laying down w/her chin at the clogged duct... and then did ice afterward and she pulled out the clog in 2 nursing sessions!
It was such a relief.
Yes, I will probably talk about all things related to babies...
including breastfeeding, poop, spit up... and all the things in between.

And today I took some of my most favorite photos of her YET!
I just adore her expressions in these photos!
I made this headband w/the help of Elizabeth Kartchner
She had a lil tutorial on her blog last year.

So that is all for today!
Daddy is home so we are going to spend some time with him!


  1. your little girl is so sweet! my son started sleeping all the way through the night at about a month...i never pumped at night. the first few nights are a little uncomfortable because you will be pretty engorged by the morning. but after a couple days your body will know not to produce as much milk at night. at least, that's the way it worked for me. good luck!

  2. I did pump at night but only for about a month or so...I wanted to keep up my milk supply so I would have some in the freezer for those date nights, etc. I got mastitis twice - awful pain. I am glad you are doing so well with the nursing. Eli is 7 months today and he is still nursing - no formula yet. I didn't know I would love it so much but I do! She is gorgeous - love the new pictures. :)

  3. She's so cute and looks so pretty in her Easter dress!

  4. Great pictures :)
    I never pumped at night when baby missed a feeding. You may wake up engorged, but your body will know to stop producing milk after a day or so....

  5. She is ADORABLE!!!!! LOVe her little cute!!

  6. She is ADORABLE!!!!! LOVe her little cute!!

  7. Michelle Woods2:27 AM

    Love the pictures! She is beautiful!

  8. Michelle Woods2:27 AM

    Love the pictures! She is beautiful!

  9. I can't get over how stinking cute she is! I love getting your blog updates!

  10. I want to know how you made that cute headband! Is it just a button in the middle of a fake sunflower? Where did you find the tiny plain headband. Wish I knew what I was having!

  11. Wow, a month! She looks like she is starting to develop her own personality now! Yay!

  12. sherrivonl7:35 AM

    cute pictures amber. only pump if you are wanting to gather a frozen milk supply. your body produces based on what she eats, so when she eats more, you make more, when she eats less you make less. God is smart like that. :o) as others have said it will even out after a few nights.

  13. Amber, I just have to tell you-little Josie is such a beautiful little one! I adore those photos of her & that headband is TOO cute! Many blessings to you!

  14. Dolly Sanchez10:19 AM

    I actually set my alarm for every 3 hours to pump when my babies were sleeping. Now eight years later with my surprise ! baby .... not so much. He nurses all the time and has yet to sleep two hours in a row! Unless he is in my lap ..attached and mommy agrees to sleep sitting straight up !
    Beautiful photos of your sweet little girl !

  15. Tracy French7:33 AM

    I really enjoy your blog and I love that you share photos of your little Josephine. She is adorable and I am so glad everything is going well for you and your family!

  16. She is gorgeous.

  17. she is such a doll!!! i had the same prob with the ducts with all my kids until my milk leveled out...then it wasn't a problem anymore:)
    oh, and i sympathize with the dairy free diet! my last one had that issue, he grew less sensitive about 6 months or so and has grown out of it totally with the exception of reg. milk. he can do raw milk just fine:)

  18. I pumped at night after the 4am feeding just so I could make the bottle for Brandon the next night that he gives at 10pm. Before that, I was pumping about twice a night and maybe once or twice during the day to build up the freezer stash, but I think I'm good with the amount I have in there now...about 2 weeks worth of feedings. Now that I've cut down on the pumping slightly this past week, my body has already been adjusting and I'm not so engorged all the time. :)

  19. I love the clarity of her eyes & the wonder of her future in her little smile. I followed your pregnancy via my blog & am so, so happy for your family!!! Your daughter is absolutely angelic & obviously happy--the result of awesome parents!
    I can't wait to see a camera in her hands! *LOL*

  20. sweet little headband photos!!!

  21. oh gosh look at how fast she grow!
    and lovely pics too :)

  22. Beautiful!
    I never even heard of a plugged duct before. Ouch! I didn't pump at night, but somehow my body just knew to have less milk as she needed less. I even started supplementing with formula pretty early on because she would literally nurse 'round the clock. But I still nursed a lot too.

  23. Oh, and about the clogged duct, you did just the right thing. As for pumping at night, I never did. It was uncomfortable at first, but the body adjusts to the baby's eating pattern. You should gradually become less engorged. If you get another clogged duct, you can also try a hot bath between feedings. Hope that is helpful.

  24. she's such a doll. like the pp...i wouldn't pump (more) unless you are wanting to keep up with the amount of milk your body is producing. it will adjust. with my first baby, i had mastistis a few times and took warm showers to relieve it (mine were mostly due to wearing an underwire nursing bra-OUCH!). the more you pump/nurse the more you produce. glad to hear things are going well.

  25. Lorena12:55 PM

    She is just SO cute and keeps getting cuter every time I check your blog!