Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy Week

Crazy week this week...

 Josie's 8 week and 9 week photos along w/her growth photo!
I love that last photo from yesterday! Her lashes are my fave and I know I've said that a million times!
And here is her growth photo w/the lion!
Funny she is in the same onsie. Oh well!

And she is taking some naps in her crib!
Today it was 2.5 hr nap!
She had her 2 month shots on Monday.
That nasty rota virus stuff made her throw up...
And she screamed w/the 5 other shots..
And her poor legs were so sore.
She got a fever of 102.
We kept it down w/Tylenol.
It was gone by about 28 hrs or so.
Her legs weren't sore the next day.
She's back to her normal self today.
It was so miserable seeing her so miserable.
She just cried and cried and every time she moved her legs she would cry even more.
I'm glad to have her back today!

So we are going to slowly make the transition to her room.
She currently sleeps best in her swing.
She was 3 weeks early and really loves the movement so she probably sleeps 1/2 the night in the co sleeper next to the bed and 1/2 the night in the swing on average.
I'm trying to have to sleep in her crib for at least 1 nap a day.
She'll eventually "grow out" of needing movement to sleep, right?
That is what I've ready that about 3-4 months they don't need the movement as much.

How did you make the transition from your room/co sleeping/swing sleeping to your baby in their room in the crib?
We plan on next moving the swing into her bedroom...

I started my Burn and Firm Palettes video yesterday.
Definitely sore today.
I'm back to what I weighed in college.
In my opinion, I was too thin when I got pregnant so I'm not going to try and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
The weight I'm at now... I'd like to maybe lose 5 more pounds and tone up.
So for 9 weeks out, I think I'm doing pretty good.
I did gain about 45 lbs!
I've lost 25 of it just nursing I guess!
Now, just to firm up my abs again!

Well, Josh is about to be home w/Pizza Hut.
It's nice having a brother that works there that can hook us up on occasion!


  1. Wow look at you go... I just lost my baby weight and I'm 1 yr PP :) Your little darlin is so sweet.. can't get over the little faces you capture in your photos. Makes me want a little girl.

  2. So good that she feels better right now. Good luck with the sleepy times in her own room. Mika

  3. Michelle2:29 AM

    We had Pizza Hut for dinner last night too. Saw your brother, he is always so nice.
    Sylvie does not like her swing so far. It just collects dust. The bouncey sit and her car seat, she loves.
    Ugha...weight, at 38 and my third child my abs are NOT boucing back as easily as with the boys. I am 5 1/2 weeks out and still have 15 lbs to go and major firming up.
    Josie is so incredibly beautiful! Those eye lashes are to die for!
    (Please do a photo editing class using elements!!)

  4. Poor baby, glad she is feeling better, love the nose ring by the way. : )

  5. She's a cutie! :)
    I wish I could give you some advice on moving baby to her own room, but we kept Kara in her crib from the moment she came home from the hospital. Basically, she sleeps all over the house.
    I believe the sooner the better on getting rid of the movement for sleeping. It could turn into a hard habit to break...

  6. SO FLIPPIN' CUTE! You and Josh make a darn cute baby. Way to go.

  7. Wow! She is so sweet! She looks so much like her daddy! (sorry Amber!)

  8. I have been reading your blog since long before you had your baby... What a cutie. I always had hard time transitioning to the crib to sleep but at a certain stage its important or it will get harder later. I started with one nap and eventually we went cold turkey. A few sleepless nights was worth it because then all my babies (even my twins) slept soundly in their cribs. I also put them to sleep awake so they would learn how to fall asleep and no need a swing or motion to fall asleep. It made them great sleepers. It's all sleep training.
    Nursing is a great way to loose baby weight. At least it was for me.
    Best of of luck. She is adorable!

  9. WOW. that baby is a DOLL!

  10. josie is so cute!! I love her big blue eyes! :)
    My son stopped needing movement after about 6 months or so. i constantly had to hold him up and move around. he didnt even like the swing, he liked me standing up and carrying him!! after he was 6 months old or so he would cry if i put him in his crib before he went to sleep but i would just lay on the couch with him and feed him his bottle at night and he would fall asleep. id put him in his crib and he would sleep through the night! it just got easier after that. i hope that helps!!

  11. Little Josie is so cute! Love her "kewpie" hairstyle! Sleep training... I remember that I'd put my baby boys (now 5 & 2) in the crib to nap/sleep when they were drowsy, so they'd learn to fall asleep on their own quietly without needing any sort of motion or music/lullaby. They learned pretty fast.

  12. I lost most of my weight nursing too! I gained 60 lbs and lost 50. I need to work-out and maybe quit nursing to lose the last 10. I'm not worried though. Five shots?! Crazy... can't they break them up so she doesn't have to get so many at once? I never let Elias get more than two at one visit. Just something you may want to think about! Love you.

  13. from the beginning, my hubby and i decided that our daughter wouldn't sleep in our room with us. We did try it a few nights, but my husband went back to work a few days after she was born (my mom was here, so he didn't need to be around really) so to avoid waking him in the middle of the night I slept in her room on a twin bed while she slept in the crib or the co-sleeper. for the most part, when she naps she does so in her crib, or on the couch. My daughter loved the swing and would sleep for hours in it, but I wanted to wean her off of it since I didn't want the babysitter to use that as a way to get her to nap. If I got really desperate I'd put her in there, but otherwise we don't use the swing as much now.