Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Shooting the wedding was a GREAT success!
Family reunion was great too!
Spent Memorial Day recovering
from such a crazy weekend.
Josephine did great w/the grandparents while we were working too!
So proud of her!
We went across the street to the inlaws for a Memorial Day cookout.
Had to take some photos...
And a shot daddy took w/lil girl the focal point...
It was so fun. Laid a blanket down in the grass and relaxed w/family!

Today we've got some storms so I've got Roxy in my lap shaking and Harley curled up too while Josie naps.
I've got some fun scrappy goodies in the mail this week so I must get some photos printed of Josephine to scrap!

Josephine slept til 5:30 am the other morning!!! Hasn't slept that long since then... but she did it once!
She's at about 6 hrs.
Im having some issues w/oversupply and clogged ducts. I've had 2 clogs since Friday.
I know what to do to get rid of them, they are usually gone in a day.
But the oversupply is so annoying.
I only pump if Im really full after her morning feed, to prevent clogs.
So I don't pump everyday. Maybe 2-3 times a week.
And I freeze it.
Im going to try block nursing to see if that helps my oversupply & only hand express and not pump so Im not overstimulating.
She's only waking at 3:30am to eat and even then she only nurses for about 5-10 mins and just on one side.
I've been nursing her laying down but I think Im going to try nursing her sitting up so maybe she will eat a bit more and drain them better.
Any other suggestions?
She's almost 12 weeks old so my supply should be regulating very soon, right?

Thanks everyone!!


  1. Cute new pics! Happy Spring!

  2. Sweet Josie :D
    and you are such a pretty mama! ;)

  3. a. williams12:34 PM

    i pumped after nursing because i always felt full after my baby nursed. and i nursed for 9 months. i pumped during the day at work and she never had to go on formula, not that formula is a bad thing. (this was very cost efficient for our family) but when i had too much expressed milk, i would donate it to local hospitals because babies in the neo-natal unit needed it. and hospitals will gladly take breast milk from healthy moms. it was good for me and good for them. i felt like i was doing what i could to help others out in need. (as long as that doesnt gross you out- some other baby getting your milk- i'd say go for it) you can also freeze expressed milk. after i stopped nursing at 9 months, i still had enough frozen milk for the baby until she went on whole milk at 12 months.

  4. I had this problem with all of my kids and suffered with masitis twice until I figured out a solution. It is awkward at first but try feeding from only one breast during feeding and then switch to the next breast at the next feeding. You will be a bit lopsided at first but your milk flow adjusts and you will not have clogged ducts as she will empty-so to speak, the breast. I did this finally with my youngest son and never had any problems, also he slept the best of all the kids. My midwife said this is because the for-milk (milk at the end) is the richest. Apparently it keeps them satisfied longer. All I know is it worked for me and nursing was so easy with him I breast fed him until he weaned himself at 16 months. Hope it helps and good luck! Your family is a joy and a blessing to see!!