Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Making Progress

On sleep that is.
Saturday night we decided it was time for Josephine to sleep in her crib... for the first time at night.
I have been putting her in it to nap for one of her naps a day so she was used to it.
Saturday night.
She slept.
From 10pm-6am.
Ya... I was shocked.
I didn't sleep well b/c I was listening for her every sound...
and was awake at 3 b/c that was her normal feeding time and pretty much stayed awake til 6 when she woke up.
I was SO proud of her!
Her first night alone in her room.
Then next two nights she woke up for her 3 am feeding and I nursed her... only for about 10-20 mins b/c that was all she wanted...

Im starting to schedule her a bit more...especially now since breastfeeding and sleep are going great.
last night, she made some noise at 4am...
I let her just fuss it out. No crying... just kinda awake but she settled her self back to sleep in about 10 mins or so.
She did the same again at 5.
I let her settle herself.
I want to establish a decent wake up time.
7 am I think is good for both of us. Especially since she's going to bed about 9pm.
So at 7... I went in to wake her up. She was back asleep!
My big girl!
So I woke her up and we started our day.
Sounds a bit like babywise right? I read bits and pieces of it and Josephine is already in that type of schedule of
She is still fed on demand... which is basically every 2.5-3.5 hours anyway...
So the only thing I'm actually changing is just letting her fall asleep on her own. Not much rocking like I used to or using the swing for her sleep.
So far her two naps today she fell asleep on her own after only about 10 mins of fussing. Not crying... just fussing.
Another thing Im changing is the "starting the day" time.
7 am.
Unless of course she is really crying crying.. which she doesn't do often.
Also, we are skipping the middle of the night feeding.
She obviously doesn't "need" it anymore so if she wakes up at 3 am...
she will settle herself back to sleep.
She's pretty good at that now.
Also, she seems to have just  been "snacking" lately so this schedule of sorts is helping that.
So... this is what our day looked like so far.
7am- wake up
7:45-8:45- awake time/play gym
8:45-10:30- nap time
10:30- feeding
11-playtime in bouncer(story about that) & walk around the block and visit great grandma across the street
12-nap time hopefully til 1:30-2

She is doing so well.
Like I said, she was already on the "feeding/awaketime/naptime schedule on her own...
so we are just making some small additions to make her sleep better at night.
Bedtime will be between 8:30-9:30(like normal so that isn't changing)... And that bedtime feeding will not have any awake time following it, just bedtime. Depending on how "fussy" she is. She is pretty fussy in the evenings still, but not near as bad as it was. She loves spending time w/daddy in the evenings. It's so sweet!

I mentioned about a story earlier about playtime in the bouncer.
As of lately... she has been chatting it up w/Miss Dragonfly that hangs on her bouncer.
It's the cutest thing! She is so chatty w/her! It's precious!
Ill have to get a video of it soon!

So that is what we have been up to lately.
Growing up!
All you babywiser's...anything else that I might find benefitical to our schedule?

Oh My!!!
I forgot!

Ulmer Studios
I almost forgot about this!
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  1. Wow Amber! You have adjusted right in to the baby routine and new Mommyhood!! Yay you!! Love your layout! So precious, cant wait to see dragonfly stories, and Im off to check out your new site!! Happy June!

  2. Sarah Merritt1:54 PM

    You posted this just as I needed some reassurance that the newborn stage will pass eventually. I have a baby boy who is 1 week and 1 day old and we are doing okay with sleeping and eating but it is still really hard. I had forgotten about the light at the end of the tunnel when they do start sleeping though the night.
    And Josephine is adorable!!

  3. sherrivonl3:54 PM

    exactly amber!! remember how i mentioned that they put themselves on a schedule?? the whole eat play sleep thing is actually natural. but just because yours wakes up at 7, someone else's time could be 7:30 etc. they work it out on their own, then you know what to expect and go accordingly.
    i have to laugh about how you woke up and then laid awake. michelle and i were just talking about that. she said she was doing the same thing last night but trying to go back to sleep because by baby number 3 she "knew better". lol but that is the way it is. you wake up and anticipate and then lay there forever and they sleep on thru. i had to turn the baby monitor down so i wouldn't jump at every sound, even with baby number 4- it is just the mama in you!
    the only part i would disagree with here is waking her up at 7, cause dude if she wants to sleep until 8 then you could too. lol i'm just sayin'!!
    the fussy baby thing in the evenings, ah the memories! michelle is having that right now too. hayden fussed at night as well. i am happy to report that that is a distant memory that i really like to tease him about now. about how i couldn't even scrapbook 3 feet away from him without him getting all fussy. he loves to hear me tell him and i am willing to bet little josie will too!
    sorry i missed seeing her at jenni's the other night. i totally forgot about it until too late and hayden had his first t-ball game, so i would have missed it anyway.

  4. congrats on the sleeping. they tend to do really well with a schedule anyway. you keep it up new mommy.

  5. tammygraves6:46 PM

    Josie is so adorable! Thanks so much for bringing her to Jenni's! So glad things are settling in for you all now! There's a lot of wisdom in babywise but you just need to do what is best for you and your family...which is what you seem to be doing! You looked wonderful and so comfortable being 'mommy'! Blessings!

  6. Heather King3:36 PM

    Her schedule sounds exactly like Major's did when he was a baby. He woke up naturally at 7am. At first he slept from 9pm to 7am. Since about 4 months he has been sleeping 7-7! So Bravo Mama!!!!! I love Babywise! It makes life so much easier and babies, and especially toddlers, do so much better knowing what their schedule is and what is coming next! The only other thing that I would add is as she gets bigger continue a firm nighttime routine. Whatever it is feeding her, a bath, book whatever, do it the exact same every night. Then when you start it, she will automatically know it is bedtime. That will help her sleep all night. Just keep loving her up! Major's second birthday is knocking on the door. So hard to believe! They grow too fast! She is just a sweet doll Amber and you are doing great!