Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flower Pin Headband Tutorial

So.. first...
Check out the newest banner.
I took those photos of Josephine this week and I am in LOVE with them!
Here they are close up!
My lil sweet sugah bit!
She is just too cute for words!!

So this week, between client proofing galleries, client orders, & session stuff,
I made some more headbands for our newborn sessions we have coming up.
Several ppl on Facebook asked me to share how I did them so I did a lil tutorial.
I know everyone probably makes them all different kinds of ways...
If you make them yourself, I would LOVE for you to share in the comment section how you make headbands for your lil one.
Now, this is my first time really making them...
So if you have some insight to share as well, please do!

So, the headbands I use them on are from "Goody"... they are soft and thick and have nice stretch.
But here is the lil tutorial.

So there are all my new flowers to attach to the headbands!
The pins are the kind that have a safety clasp that rolls over where the pin is held in place so it will stay shut.

So there you have it!
That is how I made them...
How do you make flower headbands?



  1. All I can say is, She is PRECIOUS! The headbands are cute but OH MY GOSH is she precious and beautiful!

  2. She's too cute!! LOVE the headbands too!

  3. So cute! Both the photos and the tutorial! :)

  4. I LOVE your new banner! So cute. The background colors of your photograph are great too! Love it!

  5. Hey Amber! Super cute photos of the wee little one! When you purchase the headbands...are the big on babies since their heads aren't that big? Do you try to sew some extra length out of them?

  6. if you want to reduce and reuse then cut baby tights, they do the same thing. then you can take a piece and wrap around the "band".
    so that you have something to clip the flower to. instead of using pins get the alligator type clip. they can clip to hair or to the hand band.

  7. oh she is so sweet! i love your new banner

  8. Amber she is just an absolute doll!!! Love the new pics!!
    And now I'm wondering am I too old to wear a flower headband?? LOL!!

  9. yeah, love those headbands and those pictures are AWESOME!

  10. great tutorial!
    i like how you can change out the flowers. you're a genius!

  11. Julia M. in MI12:40 PM

    Your blog looks great! Love the new header and background color. I also adore those pictures of your little princess.
    What a sweetie!

  12. Awww, she's so so cute!!
    Beautiful picture and thanks for sharing!

  13. Melissa9:28 AM

    LOVE the idea...I want to put some headbands on my girl, but the ones in the store are UGLY. These are definetly cute and so fun!! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Sheena5:02 PM

    Thank you for sharing, the headbands are adorable, first time mother to be to a little girl (shelby), and I would love to try these on her!

  15. i will make this flower pin headband for my daughter.