Wednesday, August 05, 2009


That would explain my MIA-ness as of lately...
We have had lots of sessions in the month of July...
Families, 2 newborns, a Day After Wedding Anniversary Session, an Anniversary Event...
so that would explain my lack of blogging.
But Im here...
recovering from all the editing/client gallery uploads/client orders...
Still have more to do...
but I have time for a break.
So I'll blog.
Here is my latest favorite photo of Josephine.
It was about 7:30 at night.
Josie gets rather "needy" at that time of night..
She needs to be loved on... played with... held... made happy...
So we do lots of things to entertain her.
She lately is loving to bounce...
bounce on our laps... our knees... it's so cute.
And she loves being lifted up in the hair and let down fast...
and leaned back and brought back up fast.
Wonder if she will be a rollercoaster girl b/c that is what it reminds me of.
So she is now laughing too... it's so fun! She loves kisses on the cheek/chin and nuzzles.. that is what really gets her laughing...
Anywho... back to my favorite photo...
She looks so unamused w/our attempts to keep her happy...
I really do love her eyes... Everyone thinks she has my eye shape...Josh's color for sure... but my shape. She has my lashes too...long and curly... So happy about that...
My favorite thing about this photo...The lil tuff of hair that is sticking out by the couch cushion.
She has just woken up from a nap in daddy's arms so the hair was wet from the sweaty nap and we were trying to get her a lil happy before bed time.
She wasn't feeling it.
Josh set the self timer and took this shot...
cracks me UP!
Again, not really amused w/Daddy's antics...
Oh well.

and... I finally got a baby book!
It's adorable!
Target...Carter's Just One Year.
It's not cheesy either...
Now.. just to go back and fill it all in!

So at my parents house, my dad found a box of old photos... all my photos from birth-toddler/child.
Well not all.. but a lot...
so I went through them.
Found this photo of me and my mom...
I adore this photo...
I could spend hours going through all the photos...
It makes me so happy to have all of those.
It definitely pushes me to take more of Josie...
even though
she has
no joke.
It's crazy!
But she should expect no less w/parents that are professional photographers.
She will appreciate it when she is older.
I know I do.

So you definitely need to head over to Rachel Denbow's blog...
The talented LeighAnn at Freckled Nest
Insanely talented gal!
If you scroll down and look to the right... you can see a lil AD for Ulmer Studios!
Im going to add it here to our blog too...
But here it is...

If you'd like to add it your sidebar, PLEASE DO and just leave me a comment that you did!
The photos are a from the recent "Day After" Anniversary Session we had this month.
Ill be posting those soon, but I have a lot more before those session photos to update with!

K, I think that is it!
Be sure to check the Ulmer Studios blog for updates in the next few weeks!

So pumped!
Now to make room for all the goodies!



  1. Hi Amber, you don't know me but I follow your blog. Just popping by to say that she is ever so so so cute. The first picture of her is just gorgeous!!!!! You have a gorgeous family!
    Also, I really like that picture of you and your mom. So precious!

  2. Oh!!! She is such a cutie. Those yes are amazing. She is her Daddy's daughter :)

  3. What a cute pic! Haha! I'm also looking for a non-cheesy baby book. It's good to hear that Target has one. I also discovered Jane (or Jen -whoops) Hopkins' printable one which was featured in Ali Edwards' blog yesterday but can be found here:

  4. Jules D7:37 AM

    That picture is too cute. Her eyes are absolutely gorgeous. And what treasure, getting all of those pictures of your childhood.

  5. Lol she does not look amused!! Love her tweet tweet bib!

  6. Such a sweet photo! Huge congrats on the AC Design Team!! =)