Tuesday, October 06, 2009

JBS Guest & Lots of Photos...

Lots to share today!
Last week I was asked to be a guest at the JBS Blog!
Check it out here...
Love all those girls....
so uber talented it's crazy.

Here is my page...

I love this photo of her so much.
I want it like in a 20x24 canvas!!
I plan on going back and finding her "monthly" photo and doing a layout stating the "milestones" she has reached that month.

Some exiting happenings in the Ulmer home the past few crazy weeks.
Josie has peed & pooped on the potty!!
Ya. 7 Months old.
Every night during our nighttime routine of washing her hair, after we are done before we get her in her jammies, we sit her on the potty.
The first night we did it, she peed!!
The next night we did it... she peed again!
Third night... nothing.
Last night... she peed & pooped!!!
She knows what the potty is at 7 months old!! I dunno how she knows... but she does!
Rocked our world!
We really just did it to see what she would do...
and she did it!!
Hope this is a good sign that we can get her potty trained pretty early!
Let's see.. what else.
She has eaten...
eggplant casserole
bowtie noodles w/a lil spaghetti sauce
organic baby cracker
yogurt-feeding herself w/a spoon
mashed potatoes
a taste of pumpkin pie

I think that is all she has had recently.
She loves food so much!
She wants to eat whatever we are eating!
So... we need to alter what we eat just a lil bit...
for the good of course.

She is still sleeping 11-12 hours at night and takes 2 naps during the day.
We have been so blessed w/an amazing sleeper.
She never ever wakes up once she down for the night.
Praise God.

Got lots of photos to share...
Here we go.
Yogurt Eating Happiness...
Some Mama Love
Notice... TWO TEETH!
Some Daddy Love
Oh those Teeth & Toes!
She has been doing this thing where she taps her chest... I really think she is learning to clap b/c I have been clapping with her and trying to teach her so maybe this is the start!
Pretty cute huh?
and some of mama & daddy

Quite a lil update huh?

We shot a pretty rad wedding 2 Saturday's ago...
I posted a couple sneaks on Facebook once the Bride & Groom saw them so if you want to check them out,
go here to our
Ulmer Studios Fan Page Wedding Album

We will have 4 more newborns in the next 2-3 weeks!!
Pretty big boom!
We just posted our recent Senior Session as well at the

Busy Busy.
Got the house decorated for fall.
Feels SOOO lovely!
I have found a new love...
I currently have the Pumpkin on the candle warmer and it smells SOOOO yummy!
The smell is the perfect blend of warmth, sweetness, and it makes the whole house smell yummy!
Go check them out!!
They are 100% soy too!

So we are going to be leaving Typepad here soon...
Since we have our new Ulmer Studios Blog,
Ill need to find a new home for my blog.
Prolly blogger since it's a freebie...
I really want a fun template though...
So link me up!
Tell me where to find vintagey, fun, eclectic blogger templates?!


  1. beautiful photos! not to mentions cute subject...

  2. Oh my word, sounds like a dream baby!!! :)

  3. what a doll!! seriously love those blue eyes and that yellow, rosy background.
    am still looking for the perfect blogger template. so many are a little on the cheesy side...so will be curious to hear where/if you find one!!
    beautiful layouts. i am completely smitten!!

  4. Love the photos!!!
    your new layout is beautiful!!

  5. What a great update! Already eating and using the potty at 7 months! Lucky you! She is such a little beauty!

  6. I love all of your photos so much! You and Josh are such great parents and yout guys make a beautiful family!!

  7. Love the photos of the babe! Check out shabbyblogs.com--they have TONS of cute & free backgrounds for blogger. :)

  8. Wow.... you are one talented lady/family!! I love love love your pics! I just saw you on the AC blog. I live in Mt. Juliet so I had to google you! :) I soooo need to have some 2 year old pics made of my son before he turns 3. I need to find out some info (cost) from you! I will have to snoop around your blogs some more!! So glad that I 'found' you!!

  9. She is so incredibly cute. I also love your layout you did. Beautiful:)