Sunday, July 11, 2010

So I have a WINNER!!
Blogger Christen Krumm said...
i love it when elsie and i have "conversations" it's so much fun. nursing would have to be a big one too. and her cute little "waving bye bye"... thanks for this opportunity! xoxo, christen krumm

 Christen, I am so excited that you won!! Good old random number generator!
You have been reading my blog for a while & commenting so Im super excited!!! Thanks so much for hanging out w/us!! I've popped over to watch your lil E grow as well!

Just email me & I'll give you the info you need of the class!

A few snapshots of lil Josephine... modeling for the wonderful ElSage Designs! If you haven't checked out her headbands & such, you must! I love what she makes!!

 Josephine is such a HUGE reader! We must read about 20 "stories" a day... She is constantly bringing me "stories" to read to her. She crawls right up in my lap & turns the pages for me. It's so fun!
B/c of this, her vocabulary is AMAZING... I think she says 3-5 NEW words a day. She is repeating a lot of what we say to her... which causes us to now spell things if we don't want her to know what we are saying...
Example... the girls LOVES baths!!! So if we are taking a bath that night & Josh & I need to say the word bath... and it's not quite time for the bath, we have to spell it b/c if we say it, she will crawl SO fast to the bathroom & hike her leg up over the tub to take a bath! clothes & all... it's so funny!
She is so smart... it blows my mind!
I've been lacking on sharing some pretty big things lately...
She now says her name... started when she was about 15 months old... "josie" that is... not quite ready for "Josephine" yet... haha
She says "Harley" & "Roxy"... our dogs names.
When she wants to go "walking" she just says... "alking"... on repeat! haha
She took her first step by herself yesterday!
She's been getting herself up from a sitting position to standing w/out assistance from us or something to pull up on for about 3 weeks now... and she does it constantly & loses balance & plops down on her bottom & then does it again... over & over...
Yesterday all I had to say was,
"Josie, can you stand up?"
She stood up. Then I said,
"Josie can you walk?"
She took her first solo step!
Then plopped down on her bottom!
And we clapped & said "Good Girl!" and celebrated!
Oh, and her first 2 word phrase she said was...
"Good Girl"...
She is just like her daddy...
She is a "words of affirmation" girl for sure...

So those are some of the latest happenings...
OH... if you haven't seen this blog post on our Ulmer Studios Blog, you MUST...
especially if you like bare bottom babies...

Wow, so I caught everyone up on a lot!!
What's been going on in YOUR life lately??

Id like to get a conversation going in the comments! Ill be reading & commenting to everything! Think it would be fun if we conversed through the comments!


  1. sooo LOVE the talking!! Keaton says a few things now - woof woof for dog, keeee for kitty, blue for blueberries, boof for balloon, mo for more...and a few other things. those are my fave now. And he's finally decided that walking is worth it. He's been able to walk for weeks and weeks now- but just kind of didn't care, silly boy!
    Oh I so wish we could get our two gorgeous smarties together for playings...

  2. amber...i love popping in and reading about your family. josie is just too sweet for words. :) girls are the absolute best. we have two of our own. our millie is 15 months now too. it's such a fun age. you can see their personalities form right before your eyes.

  3. Hi Amber, i've been reading your blog for a long time now, but never left a comment, because my english writing isn't so good.... I would like to say that i love your blog! You have such a beautiful family, that i love to read your stories! And i am a fan of the pictures that you and you're husband are making, they are just so so beautiful!!

    Because of all the inspiration i am getting from your blog i started one of my one now.

    I'm sorry for the bad englisch writing...

    Monique from the Netherlands

  4. Nisa, ya, the talking thing is like the best ever. I always wondered what Josephine's "voice" would sound like so it's really fun that she really is finding her voice!
    That is so awesome that Keaton is walking now! Josie is so close... she's just fearful I think...
    hey, whenever you guys are down for a trip to TN, you can shack up with us!


  5. flick,
    you are TOO sweet. I LOVE the name "millie! How sweet!! they are just a month apart then, Millie & Josephine?!
    Ill be visiting your blog!!

  6. Monique,
    Im so glad you commented... I love hearing from ppl on the other side of the world from me!!! So COOL!!
    you are so sweet my dear... thank you so much for reading & so glad you enjoy the stories... life is truly grand!

    I will be visiting your blog! So glad I could inspire!!!

  7. Es bellisima y unas fotos maravillosas, sois inspiracion para mi.
    besos desde españa

  8. I just found this blog today...your little lady is so pretty! And I love that name, it's so classic and sweet. Looking forward to reading more!