Monday, July 28, 2008

The Journey Has Begun...

So it has begun! We are still pretty much pinching ourselves daily. This weekend we tried to let it soak it that we are having a baby. Still not sunk in yet. Once we hear the heartbeat Im sure that will change. So I am 5 weeks along this week.

No morning sickness yet. Just very tired. I caught a cold too. I think that is pretty normal since my body is working like double overtime producing so many cells. Im drinking LOTS of OJ to try and kick this cold. Staying away from the meds of course.  Getting as much rest as I can. It's so hard to actually have to listen to my body now when it's tired instead of just pushing through to get things done. It's so nice to just nap when I need to. Going to bed early is great. Making sure I get 8 hrs of sleep.

So I am really excited about this... I have always admired Rachel Denbow's quilts that she makes. So I asked her if she could make one for our baby! It will look similar to this, but some of the prints will be solids. Im thinking I'll have between 4-6 Heather Bailey fabrics and some coordinating solids mixed in. Im thinking of the Pop Garden & bijoux collection. It's just gorgeous! The quilt will look similar to this design but w/the Heather Bailey fabrics and some solids. (photos of Rachel's Flickr)


Something else I've been eyeing for a while now is a wrap instead of a carrier. The MetroMamma looks great. Do any of you have experience w/a wrap? I love the idea of NO buckles and annoying straps. This just seems so natural and form-fitting.

We also spent last nite looking for baby names. Our lists are pretty even as far as the amount of names if we have a girl and the amount of names if we have a boy. Im sure that list will just GROW like crazy too the next 8 months. If you have any fun... a lil quiky... unique names, feel free to leave us some suggestions! I love hearing babynames!

I signed up for babycenter. It's incredible! I love that site... Josh loves it too. That is where we have looked for babynames... and lots of other things. He loves looking at what is going on w/our baby this week. It's so cute seeing him so excited like this.

Well, g/g get back to work!




  1. I have a wrap (similar to the one you linked) and I really loved it.
    Someone gave me a fancy-shmancy one once (this one... with pockets and straps and I hated it.
    So your choice looks good. You want to be able to fold it up and store it in your diaper bag.
    Just so you know, one of my girls loved the sling and one hated it. Prepare yourself for that possibility.
    Exciting times ahead.

  2. yet again we have too much in common besides our names...I've been admiring all the heather bailey quilts for months on etsy...I even posted a link to one a few months back on my blog! I'm just waiting patiently until we find out if it's a boy or girl before I decide on patterns color choices! :)

  3. Kristina5:16 AM

    congrats!!! i myself am 15 weeks now, expecting our first.
    youll be an amazing mama.
    dont worry, i felt really tired at the beginning too but it will go away and in no time will you be up snapping photos. LOL.
    (i love your photos btw)
    just get lots of rest and ENJOY your pregnancy!!!
    hope you feel better soon.
    we were thinking of liliana...if its a girl.
    havent decided on a boy's name yet.
    you have to tell us what you decide on.

  4. Kristina5:16 AM

    congrats!!! i myself am 15 weeks now, expecting our first.
    youll be an amazing mama.
    dont worry, i felt really tired at the beginning too but it will go away and in no time will you be up snapping photos. LOL.
    (i love your photos btw)
    just get lots of rest and ENJOY your pregnancy!!!
    hope you feel better soon.
    we were thinking of liliana...if its a girl.
    havent decided on a boy's name yet.
    you have to tell us what you decide on.

  5. I highly recommend the Moby D for a wrap. There are tons of ways to use it for all different positions.
    Love those Heather Bailey fabrics.. I know the quilt will be so pretty!

  6. I highly recommend the Moby D for a wrap. There are tons of ways to use it for all different positions.
    Love those Heather Bailey fabrics.. I know the quilt will be so pretty!

  7. Congrats again Amber!
    I am so excited to see all the great photos that you guys will take in the coming months! I too love those quilts!
    As for names...I love the name Soren (for a boy, mostly)
    Girl names in my book are Whitney Colette and Kendyl Marie.

  8. Oh. This is so exciting.
    I could go for hours upon hours on names.
    Definitely email me sometime. :D
    My favorites are--
    Evadne (Ee-vad-knee)- Greek mythological name. I have a major love affair with it.
    Variants that I like- Evangeline, Eva, Eve.
    If popularity plays a factor into your decision. Here is a great site for name information!
    Also popularity lists--
    Boys-- (much smaller list)
    William(goes by Will)
    Okay. Longest blog comment ever, sheesh. :D

  9. Yay! Everyone loves a baby!
    Baby names I love are...
    Girls - Riley, Mckennah, Jessa, and Kenton.
    Boys - Anderson, Jameson, Ryder, Rylie, Hutton, Carter, and Dayton.

  10. How fun!!! You will have 9 months of FUN FUN FUN with shopping for sure! xoxo
    Love ya,

  11. Hey Amber! That quilt looks faboulous!! I too, am a big fan of Heather Bailey's fabrics.
    Ok, if you're looking at getting a wrap, definitely check Peanut Shell!
    It's so so comfortable and stylish. My son is 11 months old (and 23lbs!) and I can walk with him in there and hardly can tell, it's great!!
    My favorite names for a girl are:
    My favorite names for a boy are:
    Simon (my sons name)
    Enjoy this exciting time!!
    God bless
    xo, holly

  12. This is so exciting Amber!!!!

  13. Congrats on the pregnancy. Wish you a beautiful pregnancy.
    You should totally get the baby wrap. I have a very similar one (made by a local canadian company) and I love it... and so is my son.
    I got a pricey one as a gift and it is so complicated that I used it once.I hate to adjust all the straps. So my advice... go with the wrap, I'm shure you will love it.

  14. My only suggestion for names is to put "Grandma" or "Grandpa" in front of the name like Grandma Shaun. So many names are cute when our kids are little but as they grow into adults they are just a little too cute. You need to picture the child as a professional in the work force and see if your favorite name will work.
    My two cents for what they are worth.

  15. You guys are just too cute! I think you would love the wrap over the carrier. It really can be a back saver. Not only that, you can use it from birth instead of waiting for the baby to be strong enough to hold up his/her head.
    Have you thought about cloth vs disposable diapers yet? ;)

  16. i think paisley is a super cute girl name.
    our life is so full of blessings and richness as we enjoy our first baby - a precious 4 mo. old girl. :) enjoy your pregnancy!!

  17. Aww, that quilt will be so beautiful!! :) Rachel is so beyond talented!
    I've been looking into getting a wrap from this etsy shop...
    kinda pricey, but it looks perfect. And the picture's Em Falconbridge's sweet baby :)
    I didn't use a wrap with Katie, but we definitely want to with this baby, especially since I'll have a two year old to take care of too :)
    :) Charin

  18. The quilt will be so gorgeous and I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the wraps. Thinking of the three of you and keeping you all in my prayers!!
    Girl names I love are: Sophie, Layne, Emery and Chandler
    Boy names I love are: Laine, Will, and Mayson

  19. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the quilt and the wrap. Boy they didn't have that cute stuff 16 years ago for babies! (The quilt yes, all the cool gadgets no.)

  20. Malinda Rose6:01 PM

    Congratulations! This is really exciting news! I love that baby wrap. On our last child we found a baby sling. The baby loved it but the bigger she got the harder it was for me to use becuase the weight was all on one shoulder. I think this wrap looks really great. My husband used to take our baby girl on walks in the middle of the night with our sling to calm her, it was really nice to hold her so close to our hearts. literally.

  21. Yup it starts with being tired. And usually the morning sickness will kick right about now (5-7 weeks) if you don't get it by then most likey you're a lucky dog! :) I was barfing up everything by now. LOL
    I'm am so happy to see how excited you guys are I can just feel the happiness through your words. It's awesome sweetie!
    Loving the quilt idea. Gotta share my quilt idea with you in an e-mail soon. You'll love it!
    Baby names... Well if it was gonna be a girl here were our choices...
    Middle name, Jewels, after my late grandmother.
    Other boy names we loved...
    Take of you and that baby!
    Big smooches and soft belly pats~

  22. amanda5:22 AM

    I LOVE that quilt Amber!! So,are you going to find out what you are having???
    You are getting some great advice here...SO happy for you!
    Since you asked...I personally like one syllable names especially for boys like: Abe, Jett, Gage, Grahm
    I also like unisex names like: Avery (of course), Harper, Aspen, Sailor,Fallon
    I could go on and on but, I'll stop here :)

  23. That quilt is darling! I am happy to hear that you are feeling well so far. Hopefully that continues to be the case!

  24. Get a Moby. Honestly.
    They are incredible. I can't say that enough.

  25. your having a baby!!!! how exciting!!! oh it is the best thing in the world having babies =) not to say there aren't many challenges and sleepless nights along the way- but it is worth the pure joy of being a mom!! congratulations- i am so happy for you!! and it was great to meet you =) i am putting you on the list for product samples-
    will you send me your address just incase i didn't get it at the show.

  26. Oooh how exciting!
    Congrats Hun...praying for a smooth and fun pregnancy for you :)

  27. tammygraves7:25 PM

    Congrats! So happy for you guys! Hope all the next decisions will be crystal clear for you. Names? that is the most fun! Off the top of my head, Jonathan was going to be Annalise (anna-leese') if he was a girl. I've always loved the name Carter for a boy, or William (no nickname)'s so distinguished! Maybe you'll be blessed and never have a sick day throughout your whole pregnancy! Savor every moment! It goes by quickly! Blessings!

  28. WOW! I am so excited for you guys! I really enjoyed the & . Hope those help. :) We love our wrap! Kimber (the owner) was excellent with helping us via email and phone whenever we have questions with our wrap. I am the one walking into Whole Foods with Gavin and Taylor Marie in each hand and Gracelynn Lee in the wrap. You bet I get some looks. Especially the day my keys went down the elevator shaft...I digress. This is about you! I am so excited for you and Josh. It was great meeting you both "in person" at SISa versary. I know you will be excellent parents! :)

  29. Hello I stumbled onto your blog of the one little word one and just love it. First congrats on the baby. I have two children and it is the best thing in life.
    Names lets see we wanted differnt of our kids so my daugther's name is Miranda and my son's name is Tanner. We have also thought about if we were to have another boy to name him after my cousin. Cutter.

  30. hey amber!
    i finally got myself a sling with our last baby...i soooo should have had one 3 kids ago! they are the best...
    i got mine from
    they are sooo cute (the fabric) and it fits perfectly...milo (my little man) just turned one and i still use it (almost daily) with him!
    good luck with everything!

  31. I was a doula... I use to do wrap demo's... I have had about every wrap imagined...
    In the end, I like the Maya Wrap
    cuz you can use it through toddler years in the hip carry position. AND it is easier than others to discreetly breastfeed in the sling, because of the "hammock" looking position you can carry a newborn.
    Over the Shoulder Baby Holder is nice, but it is bulky for someone little...
    This is a another one I liked...
    They have a water sling too... which was SO nice when we went to the pool and lake!
    Whatever sling you get, get a video if they offer it! It may LOOK simple, but it is VERY easy to put it on the wrong way!!! EVERY time I see a celebrity picture with them using a sling, the ring is up on the shoulder, which is wrong... if it is on properly, you will truly be hands free!
    I have seen some babies fuss in a sling if it is introduced later... but if you use your sling right away after birth, they are more likely to naturally be comforted by it...

  32. HI, Im a bit of a lurker :)
    I have used a sling like that for my baby, just not so fancy, i just bought the fabric myself and learned how to wrap it, its super easy,
    hmm i thought i had a good photo but there is this one ...anyway he LOVES it still (at 14 months) and its a total lifesaver, i have tried a few others but they just arent as good. Ive given demos to people at the mall because they cant believe how comfortable we both look...anyway if youre interested in more info LMK...

  33. Congrats!!
    Enjoy your journey to motherhood!

  34. Congratulations!! oooh, I remember the tiredness - you will pick up in the 2nd trimester and then be tired again for the 3rd. Its god's way of telling you to rest now because you won't sleep again for months (or years in my case - 5 and counting. lol). Name picking is so much's my tips for what its worth. Choose names that doesn't sound bad when you yell them - we yelled out every name to see how it sounded (hehe) and also, make sure they don't rhyme with your surname (unless you're into that). I really like Oren, but with Warren as a last name, it just sounded bad. I ended up calling my son Seth and my daughter Emeline. Have fun choosing your names.

  35. congrats girl. pregnancy is thee most exciting ride ever! enjoy every lil moment. names for me: Kennedy Ann (my girl...), i also love Jillian, Lilliana, Agnes, Hazel, Margaret, Frances.. and boys - have always loved Gaige, Jack, Ben, Maxwell.. have fun!

  36. I love so many names. Keep in mind what the name will sound like when they turn 50.
    Girls: Paizlee, Payton, Aralynn, Arabella, Ashylnn, Alexa, Delilah, Lynzie, Kamryn, Kortney, Kylee, Kaylee
    Boys: Weston, Wyatt, Drennon, Brannon, Landon, Carson, Ale(zander), Blake(my son), Brodyn, Lucas, Logan, Drake
    Ok those are my tops ;)

  37. Sarah C6:54 PM

    i got a sling from
    Loved it!

  38. the moby wrap is the BEST... honestly.. it's one of my favorite things we got for our little one... he loves it too.. he knows when he's going in it and falls right asleep! :)

  39. that quilt is so, so beautiful!

  40. Amy Wilson2:49 PM

    Google "sling ling" or "the peanut shell" The Peanut Shell is cheaper and can be found at the baby store in Murfreesboro's The Avenue. It's across the parking lot from the Stride Rite.

  41. Karen Moore9:49 AM

    I am an old school mom (my oldest is 17 and the youngest is 6). All my babies were carried in an Over The Shoulder Baby Holder. Started carrying them as soon as we were home from the hospital. I rarely ever used a stroller. The sling was just so much easier to deal with. And snuggling that sweet thing close to your heart, what could be better? Honestly, they can still fit in it when they are 5 years old!!!! (not that you would want to carry them then). I can't say enough about how much I loved my baby-wearing days. We saved our slings to pass on to the girls when they become mommies some day.
    Congrats on your news and enjoy every minute!