Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Luxe-i-licious...or something...

With CHA coming up, I feel it's only appropriate to direct you the LUXE BLOG


The new lines are just awesome. I love Sprinkles and the 2 new colors for Simply Luxe!

I have a LUXE layout to share of course! It's a photo of my sister in law, Kendra that I took during a bridal session with her back in October last year. The CHA release used here is the Color Me Bridal Line. Fabulous cut outs! I painted & glittered them up!


and some close ups b/c I love details!

JulyKU2 JulyKU3

I have been enjoying the praise and worship stations we have set up on Pandora. Leeland, Shane & Shane, David Crowder and this station called Passion.

I also have spent the past week writing every night in my journal... yes... a journal. Even if it's just a lil snippet of something from my day or really pouring out my heart in prayer, Im doing it every night. Usually before I READ one of the books I got last weekend.


I love Beth Redman's writing style. Very simple, easy to follow and not fluffed up. Just conversation. I would suggest it to anyone looking for a good Christian Living book.

I want to talk about Christian music for a moment... What about it gets to me...

Honestly, it's the feeling I get from the artist voice. I think that is why I LOVE Leeland so very much. Every time I hear one of their songs... (Enter This Temple is playing right now)... I can just feel them worshiping. Truly IN worship. Not just playing a song. Really reaching out to God... really praying to him. Not just words... but emotions... raw emotions...

Here... this is what I mean... this video from them playing live at a church...

It brings tears to my eyes EVERYTIME... chills... I just love to hear them play.

Ok... I'm going to look up more of their videos on youtube. So powerful.

Oh, I almost forgot!

The Maternity Session we had... I put some photos up over at Ulmer Studios!

Here is one of them!


And Im going to add one more photo to this post. On Flickr, there is this thing called Happy Bokeh Wednesday. You take photos that contain bokeh... that smooth blurry background. Well today on my 1/2 day I went into the backyard before it stormed and took some photos for HBW...


It's a fun creative challenge every Wednesday!



  1. Beautiful pictures, Amber!!!! Oh, how I wish I lived closer to you. I would love to have you take my pictures. I love your layout too.

  2. Oh! Those bokeh pics are amazing. Totally gorgeous.

  3. man, that layout is so bold.
    beth redman. heh heh.
    oh the things i could tell you.
    love you x

  4. man, that layout is so bold.
    beth redman. heh heh.
    oh the things i could tell you.
    love you x

  5. Dude the fotos are gorgeous! Love them! And I totally know what you mean about the music. :o)
    Miss ya chica!

  6. I love shane and shane! Also love Shawn McDonald... and others, too many to list! :) For some reason I don't like listening to the live music on CD, but I love listening to them live for real! haha
    Okay, well have a nice day sweetie!

  7. Love the video! Wow, emotion!! I used to write in my journal everyday and I have been meaning to start one again. I think that will be my project for today. I'll make one! Thanks for the inspo!

  8. Leeland is totally awesome. Have you seen them live, because it just rocks to see them worship in person. Really moving-they take you right to that place with them. I also think Shane and Shane have that same worship come through the recording. There are so many awesome artists out there.

  9. You are so full of inspriation today! Thanks so much for sharing your pics. Love the foliage before the storm.

  10. love the hbw pics. just gorgeous! :D