Thursday, November 06, 2008

Cute Stuff for Josie

Yup, I've begun the search for cute stuff for Josie! She was having a dance party at 5:30 I think... woke me up... her bouncing around! It was so cute! She's having another one right now, think it's just my coffee waking her up though..

I have been keeping a journal since the beginning of July... which was around the time of Josie's conception so that is pretty cool, but I really wanted to find a pregnancy book that had all the things in it that I wanted to keep track of.. the quirky things... and Josh found the perfect book after our appt last week! If you are in search of a fun quirky book for your pregnancy, this is it! Just search for it on Amazon! I love it! Places for weekly belly shots, ultrasound photos, cravings, thoughts, feelings, stories...everything!


So... last nite... we went to Babies R Us...I have a mental Baby Registry going right now...

Im in love w/Amy Coe's stuff at Babies R Us...I will be registering for this BOPPY pillow...


So love it!

Oh.. and I saw this blanket on QUILT BABY


Someone suggested her shop once I already found this so that was cool! Thanks!

And Josie will definitely have one of these cute cocoons from SimplyBasicDesigns


I love that rainbow sherbet color!

And this onsie is just precious from loueandlee


And Kimmi Achord sent me the link to these by Tricolor.. just adorable! I think they need to go on Josie's dresser!


Gosh, thanks so much everyone for the links!! Keep em coming!!! Adding things to the wish list! I wish I could register on Etsy... too bad.

We will be using a MOBY WRAP for our carrier... Do you have any other favorite carriers that you have used?


So I've been having some issues sleeping... like most pregnant women. So I finally broke down and got this last nite! It's by Especially for Mom.


What is so great is that it can turn into a baby seat too!


It was great!! I feel asleep and stayed asleep and it really helps me stay on my left side! And it will be so cute when Josie gets here for her to use and I can drape her quilt over it and take some adorable newborn photos!

I believe Josie is beginning to recognize Josh's voice. The other nite when I was taking a bath, Josh came in and started talking... and she started bouncing around. Then, at night, Josh always reads to her and he lays his hand on my tummy while he's reading and she was just bouncing like crazy last nite! After he was done reading, he was just talking to her and she was definitely responding to it. He loved it. It's been really amazing seeing his reactions to her movements. He is just overjoyed. Especially when I told him that I think she is starting to recognize his voice.

Well, just wanted to share my latests wants for Josie! That way, I can keep track of it too! I will probably do that along the way... to share them w/you... and so I can go back and look too!



  1. Everyone gets the Boppy, but my lactation consultant and midwife recommended the My Breast Friend pillow. It's awesome! The Boppy is too...floppy! for newborns, but the MBF is stiffer. Take a look at it!

  2. Aww, cute! You and I have the same taste in baby goods, a lot of those things are things I looked at before I found out I'm having a boy :)
    And I'm sure she does recognize Josh's voice! It was the same way with Katie...Kevin would read her Green Eggs and Ham every night and that would always get her moving. :) When she's born she'll be turning her head to the sound of his voice, it's the sweetest thing. :)

  3. I wanted a ton of things off of Etsy so what I did was made a list w/ the links - sent it to my mom. She passed it along to any family members who asked what I wanted - that way I got some really cute things that I wanted but couldn't register for.
    Our baby is 7 weeks old...our lifesaver has been his swing. We got the new Fisher Price little Lamb - so soft and cushy! He loves it!
    Also - the cosleeper has been a God send especially b/c I am nursing. I don't have to get out of the bed in the middle of the night - plus I can make sure he is breathing! (total 1st time mommy!) haha

  4. Love the cute things you're finding :) I know that the carrier of choice (for once they're a bit bigger, say 4 months on) for all of my mom friends is the Ergo baby carrier. I've used it with a bunch of children of different weights and it's amazing. Definitely makes carrying the babies MUCH easier. I always recommend it to new moms :)

  5. amanda6:30 PM

    Omg....that need to let me get it for you :~)

  6. Awwwww, I miss my ds's boppy, it was Noah's Ark and sooooo cute. :) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that even though I don't know you and Josh I can tell you both are going to be WONDERFUL parents!!!!!

  7. Erin W2:12 PM

    Cute stuff...
    Have you tried the moby wrap with another baby in it before? I bought a "Cuddly Wrap" when I had my son (it is the same design and material as the Moby) and HATED IT. The fabric was too stretchy and it felt like he was going to fall out. If I tightend it he would get cranky and cry until I took him out.
    I liked the Baby Bjorn, but I am rather tall and have a strong back so it did not bother me like it does some people. The one a friend of mine had some luck with was a Mai tai, you can find them on etsy. Her son seems to not mind it (he does not like the Moby/Cuddly wrap or the Bjorn unless he can face out).
    Another lifesaver for me was the BUMBO. My son loved it and I used it up until he could walk on his own.
    Good luck with baby stuff. Oh and swings, my son did not like swinging back and forth front to back because his startle reflex was really strong until he was about 6mos. old. I had purchased a swing that went ONLY front to back and not side to side. I ended up caving and buying the one that went front to back and side to side. THAT was a life saver (esp. if you like taking showers when you are home with the wee one by yourself).

  8. That onesie is such a cute idea!! And I had never seen one of those pillow things to sleep on, I'll have to remember that. Thanks for sharing!

  9. That onesie is such a cute idea!! And I had never seen one of those pillow things to sleep on, I'll have to remember that. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Cute stuff! Im going to do a little shameless self promotion... I have some very cute baby stuff in my etsy shop ;)
    MAssive congratulations to you both

  11. :) The Belly Book is great! My Sweetie bought it for me when we were about 6 weeks, it will be great to go back through it in later pregnancies!