Monday, November 10, 2008

Half Way Mark!

 Gosh, so hard to believe... Half way! Week 20! My belly button is on the verge of popping... my back is aching... carrying pretty low b/c of my placenta issue so it's straining me a lil bit... starting to waddle a bit... This was pointed out by my male co-worker today...I weigh the most I've ever weighed... but Im really happy about my weight gain and where Im at!

Had a busy weekend... taking photos...hubby re-arranging furniture for his hormonal pregnant wife(ya that's me)... making homemade Minestrone Soup in the crock pot...did some flea market browsing... no shopping... didn't find what we were actually looking for... so we just browsed. It was so fun though. That is something Josh and I really love doing together... browsing the antique/flea market stores...

Thanks everyone for your links!!

Something I am looking for.... you guys might have some recommendations...We would like a pack and play that can travel easily... easy to take part and put up... for when we go to our parents house... Any favorites or suggestions? Link me up! THANKS!

Leaving  you w/my 20 week belly shot. Took in the living room... it was too cold outside for me and Josie!


And I have a PLUG... for my dearest Rhi's class at SIS!!! Geezz... she amazes me... Go see what she has got up her sleeve!



  1. ummm...
    how adorable are you looking???
    i gained a ton of weight w/ dakotah too.
    i weigh more now than i ever have,
    but i am the MOST happy ive ever been too.
    definitely a good trade!!!
    you look great though!!!

  2. Christine Cardenas2:35 PM

    Congrat.... I'm just 8 weeks ahead of you... so fun, isn't it?
    Anyway.... I've heard GREAT things about this pack n play.... easy peasy to use.
    let me know what kool boy things you find... hee hee... I'm on the okout for girly things for ya....
    thanks, Christine

  3. Hello, I really enjoy reading uour blog! Beeing almost 16w preg myself it's soo cool reading about your preg!Love to see if you've done any scrapbooking lately too. Have a lovely day!!
    ps love the name you chose!

  4. Holly Terra1:53 AM

    you look so cute :)
    Love your belly shots!
    Sorry- no good tips on a pack-n-play.
    We got the GRECO one but it isn't too easy to take apart!
    We are using it more for our bedroom than for travel....
    Kind of a pain to move around actually....

  5. WOW! I cannot believe you are half way there already.
    As for pack and plays, I have always likes the Graco ones. Some of them have a bassinet insert so the baby is not too low to the ground when they are tiny. They are so easy to put up and take down (at least I have never had an issue). And they really fold down compactly for storing. (I have made sure that I have had one with 5 of my 6 kids.)

  6. I have to agree with Donna on the Graco pack-n-play. Ours made MANY trips to Grandma and Grandpa's house, and the daycare a few times, and it even served as our crib temporarily while we moved to a new home. They are pretty easy to set up (one person can do it)and mine had a nice carrying handle. There are several versions, from basic to fancy. The pull-out changing table was pretty convenient as well.

  7. Such a cute baby belly :) I never used pack and play's with my girlies but my sis-in-law swears by hers! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

  8. Such a cute baby belly :) I never used pack and play's with my girlies but my sis-in-law swears by hers! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

  9. your belly is looking sooo cute!! glad you liked those little birdies..i was browsing for birdie blankies and came across those and HAD to include them! ps-thanx for your comment over at sweet of you!

  10. here's another "cool thing for Josie"
    they have other stuff too... so check out the whole website...