Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ya, lots to share today.

1. Josie received her first gift this weekend! From Sweet Ashley Wren! It came in this cute cute box...


And inside was this cute cute onsie that she made and these adorable booties from Amy Coe and adorable lil flip book


I just love it!!! Thank you Monkie Moo!

2. Speaking of Ashley Wren... I took her Evidence class and this is the front of my journal thus far... not sure if it's done yet though...


3. And... I finally scrapbooked over the weekend and finished it up Monday night... Im discovering that I need to work at a slower pace in doing my layouts, which is fine w/me. I seem to like it much better this way. I used the SIS Night Owl collection. I love the rich colors in this collection!





4. The 21 week Belly shot... yup... Josie is making her presense rather known. So glad to look pregnant and not just thick around the middle! haha


Pretty photo heavy post...

A little update over at ULMER STUDIOS. Wanted to share a great article about Custom Photography and the INVESTMENT that it is. Something very important to US.

Oh... and today is THIS SWEET GIRLS BIRTHDAY... and she has some exciting news to share! So Happy Birthday Els! So excited about your new venture and dreams coming true!


I wanted to thank everyone who has emailed me or commented and shared their c-section stories and pregnancy stories. It really means so much to me. Those lil boosts are definitely working on my strength in dealing with what the rest of this pregnancy can bring. So really thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥


  1. Holly Terra3:17 AM

    you look fabulous!!!
    Love the rock star onsie.
    Can't wait to see pictures of your little princess.

  2. love that layout!!!
    i had an unexpected c-section with my pregnancy (yikes-14 years ago!)....but it was fabulous! i was feeling great within a few days and back to shopping...didn't have all of the other "stuff" to recouperate from, unlike a natural c-section wasn't planned, but exactly what God had planned....and it all worked out for the best!

  3. josephine is such a cute name. and I was glad to read the photography article, it was definitely VERY informative!
    God Bless!

  4. Yes, I agree, that layout is stunning.
    And the photos are just so beautiful. Your belly is ever so cute! You look absolutely gorgeous!
    Enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy. I think that pregnancy in itself is magical. Being a mom is such a treasure I cherish. I'm sure you will too.
    G'd night.

  5. Awww! AW is so sweet :) :)

  6. Yes, i love the moby. It's great because you can use it in so many ways. I also have a baby bjorn that's great to just pop her in and out of quickly. I want a ring sling too...

  7. I had a c-section with my daughter about 6 weeks ago and I was terrified going in, but the surgery was quick and my recovery went quickly and smoothly. And I am very thankful I did not have to experience all of the pains of labor! You will do fine and you will be so focused on meeting your baby girl that all of your nervousness will go out the window! Congrats and best of luck!
    Great blog, btw :)

  8. your southern comforts layout inspired my BF and I to lift it. Here's my take on it.

  9. Hi, just to let you know I love your scrapy stuff! Here is a link to my post with a lift of the "southern comforts" layout. A friend and I both had a great time coming up with our LO's, Thanks!