Monday, November 17, 2008


Random title b/c I really don't have one...

The weekend was awesome. Got some quotes for our fence for the pups. Hopefully will start that process in the next few weeks. :) It's getting soooo cold and taking the pups out is becoming dreadful, especially for Josh at 2:30am when Roxy is whining to go potty.

We went and registered at Babies R Us. We had so much fun!!! I had some great guidence before hand from my friend Jessica. She recommended some certain brands of things that definitely came in handy when you have a selection of 4 different brands of bottles to choose from! So thanks Jess! Our registry experience was great. I kinda thought it would be totally overwhelming, but having visited Babies R Us several times already and browsing stuff, we pretty much had it all mapped out. Im sure we will be adding to the registery and all but we wanted to go ahead and get it down since for Christmas, that is all we would like ppl to buy from, is the registry. Im really glad we have Christmas before Josie gets here. Hopefully that will help out w/getting prepared for her.

For our Christmas gifts to eachother, Josh and I are getting a video camera. We will definitely need one before Josie gets here so it was perfect timing. We are thinking of going w/an HD one that operates w/a disc. Id prefer to have a solid hard copy and then be able to put it on the computer if we like rather than have a memory card w/the chance of us forgetting to make a hard back up copy of anything.

Do you have any recommendations on video cameras? Do you have one that you love? Please share.

Saturday night, the SIS PJ Party was fun! I did actually scrapbook 1/2 a page... yup... 1/2 a page. That is pretty good considering it's been over a month I think since I've touched product. I honestly just don't have the creative energy. Im too busy thinking about Josie and preparing, and the house, and all that important stuff. Not that scrapbooking isn't important to me any more. Just not right now. I am keeping several pregnancy journals and honestly, that has helped me creatively more than anything. I took Ashley Wren's Evidence class and the book Im making is for Josie and I finally got 1 page complete in it. I intend on doing the prompts from the class and then filling the rest of up w/thoughts and journal entries during my pregnancy for her to look back on when she is older.

Sunday we went to chuch w/my parents and then to a lil get together that I mentioned in my other post. It was fun... lots of food.... and I definitely ate... lots of food. It was so good! My mom took a couple photos of Josh and I. I really love these 2.



Definitely can see my bump! It's pretty cute I must say. I'm loving being pregnant. I really am. So carrying around the extra weight I've gained is getting to be difficult, but other than that, I feel great. Josie is moving like crazy. She has a schedule. She's getting big... as my belly is definitely growing by the week. I have been so blessed that pregnancy and my body get along so well. My biological mom said her pregnancy were the best... so maybe it's hereditary. My energy level is good. I still get tired quicker than normal but am listening to my body about when "too much is too much" and Im trying to slow down my weekends so I can get some rest from the work week so that is really helping. Making sure to have plenty of couch cuddle time w/Josh to unwind and spend that time together. So things are going really well. 21 weeks. It's crazy to think that if Josie has to come into this world by c-section b/c of my Complete Placenta Previa at 37 weeks, she'll be here in 16 weeks! That is just incredible! Time has flown by so fast!

Well, going to get back to work.



  1. amanda4:32 AM

    Love that picture Amber! You two are so cute!

  2. Your mom did a great job with the photos!!! Your going to be a great mother!!!
    Hugs, Cassandra

  3. Hey there. I wanted to let you know not to worry yet about the placenta previa. Two of my friends have just had that and it ended up resolving. One had her baby last Monday and the other had hers on November 1st. I had a little boy on the 29th.
    If you check out my blog, I've posted about some baby things that I like too.
    Best of luck with your pregnancy. My sister is pregnant too and she is ahead of you and due at the beginning of Feb and she is also having a girl. Get sleep while you can, because once little Josie is here you won't sleep for a while. LOL

  4. Just wanted to say congrats! Been awhile since I've stopped by and this is so so exciting. I really miss being pregnant and I'm glad you're enjoying it.
    It's easy to worry about everything that could possibly go wrong with pregnancy and labor but hang in there!! You can do it!!

  5. hello! i just discovered your blog and i am in love with your beautiful photos and reading about your happy little life. :) it's crazy--i am actually 20 weeks pregnant with our 1st (so fun to compare notes with you!). i just had an ultrasound last week and guess what? previa. sounds like it's quite the trend!! blessings to you and your growing baby!

  6. hello! i just discovered your blog and i am in love with your beautiful photos and reading about your happy little life. :) it's crazy--i am actually 20 weeks pregnant with our 1st (so fun to compare notes with you!). i just had an ultrasound last week and guess what? previa. sounds like it's quite the trend!! blessings to you and your growing baby!

  7. Wow -- time has really flown! I sneaked a peek at your registry -- Josie is going to be surrounded by utter cuteness! :)
    Oh, and that red and gold color combo is fantastic! :D

  8. Hey girlie-
    Love your new photos. Your belly is looking super cute! So much joy right now for you, what a great feeling.
    It is funny that you brought up your birth mom in this post because I was going to ask you how things were going with that now that you are pregnant? I hope that isn't a rude question or even out of line. I'm very happy for you and I wish/hope/pray that all goodness that you have prayed for in your past blog posts happen for you. Nothing but warm wishes and wonderful thoughts!!

  9. michelle.woods6:01 AM

    37 weeks...then Josie will get here probably a month before my little girl. "My little girl" just sounds wierd to has always been "the boys." Love reading about your pregnancy. My pregnancies with both the boys were totally comfy. This time around, well not so much. I tell Chris everyday...there is no way she is staying in there until April 7th. I have been uncomfortable from the get go. My age probably has a lot to do with that...LOL. I am 20 weeks today!

  10. yay for registering! it is so much fun! wait until the baby shower - it too is so much fun!!! :D love that photo ann took! can't wait to see what your holiday card will be...I need to get moving on that and get a picture done for ours!

  11. Julia In MI1:01 AM

    I had all three of my kids by c-section. The first one was rough, because it was emergency. The second two were so peaceful. And I did not find the recovery too hard. I don't know the difference. My suggestion would be to bring a headset to put on after the baby is out for the rest of the surgery. I didn't do this until the third, but some praise music helps drown out the other noises and give you peace.

  12. love the pics! so cute. might have to borrow that idea =) wow! time has flown by, crazy.