Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas is 'round the corner

So I said like... 3 weeks ago.. that I'd share photos of our tree and some Christmas decor... Here are some photos. 



On our railing as you go up the stairs into our living room.


And Josh stumbled upon this fun thing to do w/Christmas lights and bokeh on Flickr.


And I believe I have found the Holiday decor project I am going to do. I have seen so many that I just love but I simply can't do them all.

Danielle Thompson posted a Felt Tree Tutorial and I believe that is it! She was inspired by Emily Martin/The Black Apple, whose work is just amazing! So I believe that is going to a be project Im going to try and find time for! I might even make them throughout next year so that next Christmas, I have a nice lil tree village to set up!

 I'll be posting some those first round of maternity photos that Josh took of me 3 weeks ago at 21 weeks over at Ulmer Studios tomorrow.

Here's a lil peek.


So check back at Ulmer Studios tomorrow!

Also... The next collection is in the Boutique at SIS!

I'll hopefully be posting my layouts next week!



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  1. amber, i LOVE your tree! and you are looking so beautiful lately hehehe!