Monday, December 22, 2008


Yup! Sweet LU asked me to be a Guest Slammer over at ART SLAM! She is revamping how she does things and I really love what she is doing over there!

Head over there and check out what she's got going on!

We had a GREAT weekend... Exciting new opportunities for Ulmer Studios and we are so looking forward to what could be!

We finished up our Christmas shopping too!

Sunday we went to my parents house and played an AWESOME board game! It's our new favorite!


If your family is into board games... this one is a BLAST! Think... Where's Waldo... but crazier!

Just at work today... Josh only has a 2 day work week... I have a 3.5 day work week.

Half Day on Wednesday and Off of Thursday. Other than that, just a normal week.

Josie has been moving BIG time since the end of last week... She is getting so much bigger! Big tumbles... Big punches and kicks.

So big that the other night, we were sitting on the couch and one side of my tummy went a lil numb so I looked down and lifted my shirt... and I swear.. there was her head! Sticking straight out! The rest of my belly was flatter and then there was this bulge! Thinking of it's size, it was her head. So fun! We are feeling lots of fits and feet too! So fun! She really bounced a lot for my dad last night! It was so great! Im just loving it!

Oh! New post over at Ulmer Studios!


More of that SWEET family!

Ill be back Wednesday!



  1. you are adorable..just sayin : )
    merry christmas to you, josh, and josie!!

  2. Have a very Merry Christmas, sweet Ulmers!

  3. So happy you were a guest slammer for me. I always love your work!

  4. If you guys like board games you should try the new Pictionary Man! :) We played that Christmas Eve, it's really fun. :)
    Enjoy all of the little shows Josie's putting on for you! I love this stage, Colin's getting to where he's making me belly all lopsided half the time. :)