Monday, February 02, 2009


Thank you everyone for your honest and open opinions on Baby Wise.

I know that lil Josephine will tell us exactly what she needs.

I just wanted to hear everyone's opinions.

That is all.

So thank you for your honesty!


My sweet friend, Jordan Thompson, has started a CRAFTY BLOG!


She made us these for Josephine!


Lil Cocoons and hats!

Her newborn photos and birth annoucements are going to be so precious!

I can't wait!

We had a great weekend!

The nursery is painted! The furniture is just about all painted!

Now just to put it all back together again!

We had a sweet lil photo session Sunday. Will share that soon. 

Im definitely sore from that today. My back is killing me. I am carrying all my "baby weight" in my belly so the pressure it's putting on my back definitely takes a toll on me... especially when I get on the floor and try to keep up with & photograph a 17 month old lil girl. Bad move Amber.

So Im slowing down. We have one more photo session this month in 3 weeks. A 4 month old. So the amount of movement I'll be doing will definitely be a lot less. Thank goodness.

I think that is all for this Monday.

Im pretty tired today from the session so Im just going to be chillen out tonight.

For our childbirthing class tomorrow, we tour Vanderbilt Hospital and find out all the details about the birth process there.


8 more weeks!



  1. The cocoons and hats are just the cutest!
    Take it easy (easier said than done, I know!) :)

  2. tammygraves7:35 AM

    Cute little outfits! About Babywise...all I can say is that children who have been trained with this method are a joy and blessing to be around. If you do not have the books and would like to borrow them, your'e welcome to borrow them from me before you decide to buy them (you may want to mark them up!) Can't wait to see the precious little one! Glad things are going well for you! Blessings!

  3. those cocoons are adorable! :) yes take it easy, I keep reminding myself to slow down too! :)

  4. adorable cocoons & hats....looks like joscie is getting all kinds of love. would love to chat with you soon!

  5. Julia in MI8:51 AM

    Babywise. I used it for my children. All three were sleeping through the night 8 hours by around 8 weeks and 12 hours by 12 weeks. I believe the method works (eat, wake, sleep), but I would freak out when things weren't going exactly like the book said (My baby was hungry sooner than 3 hours after the last meal or wouldn't nap for an hour and a half, etc.). That is the one part I would tell you to be careful of. Keep praying and God will show you as you go along.

  6. lizz selders12:44 PM

    love the cocoons and hats!! so adorable. i get my shopping list from visiting your site =) little girls are going to be so much fun amber!! take it easy! like someone else said, easier said than done, but do it. i am telling myself that everyday...just slow down. i am so jealous of your progress on the babies room, i have SO much to do it seems. can't wait to see how things turned out. take care.

  7. I just stumbled on your blog! Love the photography!!!!