Monday, March 02, 2009

All Access Pass



I am totally excited to announce that I am teaching a class for SIS!

Picture Perfect: Photo Editing 101

Check out the above coupon!

Some stellar classes!

Sewing 101 w/JO

Aprons w/Martha


Mini Albums w/Stacey and Andrea

You seriously don't want to miss any of these classes in March!

So check out the coupon!

Here is how it works: instead of purchasing each class at full price, you just purchase the one time pass which will give you access to every class offered for the month during which the pass is purchased. So in March you can take every class offered for just $49.95 rather than the $75 you'd pay at full price! That's a savings of $25! Plus, as a bonus we'll send you a $5 gift certificate to the SIStv Boutique!

The March All Access Class Pass is only available until March 4, 2009!


Oh... and I went to my midwives office on Friday.

I am 60% effaced... 2 cm dilated... and Josie is at station +1.

No signs of labor yet... We are hoping withing 2 weeks though!

I'll be updating as I progress!


  1. oooooo always love to hear babynews!!

  2. Aaaarggh! I so wish this was in my budget this month!
    I have a feeling little Josie will be on her way soon!!!!! :)

  3. spicy foods set me off into labor...the bumpy ride didnt work. Good Luck

  4. spicy foods set me off into labor...the bumpy ride didnt work. Good Luck

  5. that is so exciting!! i am a bit jealous that it's almost time for your wee one to be born, but excited for you too! i am so ready to have the weight of this little girl i am carrying to be gone, but i know she needs a bit more time. can't wait to follow the next couple of weeks and see if little josie is born!!! praying for you all!

  6. Steph Baxter9:19 PM

    Awww, it's so exciting that she's almost here!! Your class sounds very it about photo editing in Photoshop only?