Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank You & Shower Snippets

I just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and kind words regarding the passing of my Mother.

I know she is no longer battling with her earthly struggles and that brings me peace.

So thank you.

I went back to work this week.

I'm hoping that coaxs lil Josephine to come in about 3 weeks rather than 5...

We had my baby shower on Saturday! Here are just a few lil snippets!

My SIL Kendra, Rachel, and my step mom, Annie and my MIL Yvieta.


My SIL, Kendra made my shower cake... It was INCREDIBLE...

I found the design on a wedding blog so she just altered the colors!

How cute are those lil birds!

If anyone needs a cake... contact her! It was not only delicious but adorable!




And my best friend, Amanda made the CUTEST diaper cake!


Going to be making some nylon headbands outta those flowers!!

Ill put a collage together of all the wonderful ladies that came and some opening gift photos sometime this week.

So that is a lil update...

More Later...

Oh! I think last week I updated our


w/a recent session from our Cupids Arrow Special!





  1. Both cakes are gorgeous! Glad your shower went well. I'm sure going back to work this lat ein your pregnancy is hard. I hope little Josie shows up sooner than later.

  2. sending you lots of love!

  3. That cake was so cute and it really tasted good. I might have to get in touch with her when it comes time for Kennedy's 4th birthday. It was great to see you!

  4. What a great cake! Mika

  5. Amber Im so glad to hear you back to "normal" :)
    The shower looked great and I LOVE your new blog banner! Its so nice! :)
    Come on Josie! 3 weeks is long enough!

  6. I wanted to send you a poem that has helped me through the deaths of my mother, father and grandmother. Here it is...
    Never look down for me after I leave your sight
    Nothing of me is there-for who can imprison light
    Look for me in the starts- on a scented night in spring
    Nearer to you than your heart-for space is a human thing.
    Look for me in the rose-the gold in a sunset sky
    For love has transfigured me-the mortal that once was I
    Look for me in the dawn-when the day is new and fair
    Now and eternally, call me and I shall be there
    As you cannot conceive my freedom from time and space
    Why do you think it's strange that you cannot see my face?
    Trust in that inner sense that you and I hold dear
    Of knowing beyond a doubt, that I am truly here...

  7. Oh my goodness girl. I'm so excited for you. :) I'm sure you're excited enough, but add my excitement in with yours just for a moment. :D

  8. Glad to hear you had a great shower for baby Josie.:)
    The cakes are amazing!!

  9. That cake is adorable:) How exciting, its all getting so close!

  10. That cake is adorable:) How exciting, its all getting so close!