Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How Did You Do It?

Josh went back to work today.
Josie is feeding great!
Like clock work.
Every 2 hours.
And she is sleeping the bed w/us.
We didn't know of any other way right now so we could get some rest.
So I have flashlight next to me that I turn on when she wakes up to eat to latch her on and she feeds for 20-30 min and then I lay down and have her cradled in my arm and we go back to sleep.
And wake up in 2 hours and do it all over again.
I just don't know of any other way.
She loves to be cradled and held.
It seems to be the only way she will fall asleep soundly.
I know she is only 2 weeks old.
Things will get better.

So today.
Im home alone.
My SIL is across the street so if I need help, she is there.
Right now Josie is in her bouncer.
The light humming noise is making me want to go back to sleep.

So I want to know...
How did you handle the first 2 weeks to a month w/a newborn and their eating/sleeping habits and the things you need to get done.
By things you need to get done, I mean...

I know the whole...
"sleep when she sleeps"
but that is so hard b/c I so outta my routine of napping so when I lay down.. my brain keeps going.
I guess I need to just force myself, right?

Ok... off to try and eat some breakfast while she is content.

Oh, we had her Newborn Session done by a local photographer, Amelia Hambrook.
At the session, Amelia let us snag some of our own shots too. She had some amazing crocheted things and great blankets!
You can see them
Ill be doing an post w/all of the shots Amelia took soon!
This is my fave from what Josh took at the session.

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  1. I remember being exhausted with Jenna Beth. She slept in our bed too, only because she was such a cuddler, she literally screamed if she wasn't being held. You'll make it!

  2. I can't really say that I remember how I did it, but I made it through with twins, so I know you can do it girl. :) Family and friends are a Godsend, and you really do just go into survival mode and do only what is necessary to get through the day. Believe me, it gets better and easier. She is so precious! {{HUGS}}

  3. I am big believer in cuddling in bed with mommy and daddy. They are only little for so long. Soon they will not want to cuddle up in bed. We have moved our other 2 out of our bed when they turned 2 and it went well.
    As for getting things done, its a matter of trial and error. To get showers and eating done; we take turns. I get up and shower and eat breakfast while he spends time with the baby (we have a new baby boy (6 wks)) and our other boys. Since we have 2 other children its a little harder to come up with a routine that works. We don't take naps b/c with 2 other young children who need attention, etc there is no time. But after a month or so your body adjusts to the lack of sleep, so naps won't be as important (at least they did for me).
    Good luck! It's a special time that I know you are enjoying as much as I.

  4. The first few weeks are so hard! Be patient with yourself!!! She is too young to develop "bad" habits, so do whatever you need to in order to get through. Put her in the bouncy chair in the bathroom while you shower, and just poke your head out every once in a while to have a look. If you're comfortable sleeping with her, then go for it! My first baby never slept with us, and she didn't sleep through the night until she was almost one. My second did sleep with me on and off the first month or so, and she was sleeping 8-10 hours a night by 8 weeks! You really never know. It's good to put her down to sleep in a bassinet or crib sometimes, so that she "practices" sleeping on her own, though.
    Napping... argh... I was so like you. I couldn't nap because my mind was always racing. Try to do it, but one thing you can try is to go back to sleep with her in the morning. If she wakes up at 7 and feeds and then goes back to sleep, you go, too. Do you have a good snuggli? They love them, too.
    I so feel for you! I was sooo exhausted my first time around, I thought it would never end. Just be VERY good to yourself and VERY patient with yourself. Nothing has to get done, except feeding and changing the baby. If someone offers to come over and help out, let them. Let them do laundry, or let them watch Josie while you do it.
    Big hugs for you!!!

  5. LisaPink3:55 AM

    My 3rd daughter is nearly 5 months & Im trying to remember how I coped when she was born. To be honest the 1st few weeks are a complete blur!! If she is content when in her bouncy chair, then take her aound the house with you whilst you get things done. if the house is a mess, then who cares?? You will get into a routine but its too early by now, just go with the flow & things will fall into place. When Josh gets in from work,let him having Josie for an hour & go & have some time for you, to rest, shower, use the net etc....just some time for you & trust me...you need that time. Sorry if Ive rambled buy my daughter is blowing raspberries at me & it makes it hard to concentrate!!
    Take care of yourself. xx

  6. you are doing such an awesome job, mama! and she is gorgeous!
    don't let a soul make you feel bad about her sleeping with yall. what precious bonding time, and if it's the thing that lets all 3 of you get some sleep, so be it! we did it for several months, and i have a one-year-old who sleeps in her crib without a peep now. it didn't mess her up! :)
    get your SIL to come over and let you shower if she's willing. otherwise, that 5 PM shower when hubby comes home will start to be a wonderful routine and treat at the end of the day. i remember so many days when i showered once hubs came home. not a big deal, although i know you feel grungy all day w/ one. but girl, if your SIL is offering, take her up on it! even for just 15 minutes.
    do you have a sling? that helps so much with the eating thing. we barely survived the first 3 weeks once daddy had gone back to work before we got a good sling. i literally would eat jelly beans and crackers until he came home and i could sit down and eat, and i thought my milk wouldn't make it through my terrible lack of eating. a sling will change your life! make some sandwhiches or easy handheld meals when josh is home at nights so you can grab them the next day even with sweet josie in your arms.
    this intense "mommy please don't ever put me down" phase will pass, i promise. and then you'll miss it. :) blessings to your precious family!

  7. Dianna4:27 AM

    I found the bouncy seat to be a life saver. like a previous poster said, carry it around with you. But I didnt do any housework for at least the first month probably longer :) As for eating, be sure to get some food that you can grab and eat. Its hard to make a meal with a newborn. Showers- alot of people said they could put the baby in their bouncy or car seat and set it in the bathroom while showering. This never worked well for us. I just waited to shower when my husband got home and it was actually really nice to have that little break.

  8. Amber - our little girl slept in bed with us the first few months just so I could get some sleep. Dh would stay up with her until 10pm and I'd go to bed around 8:30 or 9pm. Then he'd bring her to me and she'd snuggle down in my arms for a feeding. I love that memory :0)
    So, I think it's perfectly ok because babies doesn't have the memory capability yet to make sleeping in your bed an issue. (And for some parents it's never an issue because co-sleeping is their choice. totally fine.) That memory comes along between 4-5 months where she'll develop sleep associations and need the same method to help her fall asleep every time.
    That's when it's a good idea to work on putting her down asleep at least semi-awake so she can learn to self-soothe. That' when we transitioned to a crib, around 16 weeks. And that's what worked for us.
    As for sleeping when she sleeps, it really is good advice in theory. But it's hard for some. Even if I didn't sleep, I would lay down with a good book or video and let my body rest when I could. I'd give myself 15 minutes or so to fall asleep and if I didn't in that time, just quiet rest. For most of her sleep periods. Not all.
    As for showers and getting stuff done, I took it one step at a time! I'd make little goals for myself. Ok, today I'm going to get a shower, and then I'd put her in the bouncey seat by the shower and at least get a quick one. Even if she cried a bit. I'd just keep reassuring her that it was ok and mommy's right here.
    Meals I sometimes ate with her in a sling :0) I just took it day by day.
    When my son was a few weeks old, I ran into a former student's mom at the grocery store. I was holding Evan and know I looked exhausted. She held the baby for a minute and said "oh how I loved this age." I know the look on my face was "are you crazy!" But seriously she gave me the best advice. She said "surrender" That's all you can do at this stage. The first few months of a baby's life are consuming and that I would enjoy it so much more if I'd just give in to it instead of trying to get so much done. With my second baby I did just that, for the most part.
    Sorry this is so long, but I remember those days and they can be tough but they are some of the most precious and cliched as it is - they do go by very fast! And I love to be a good support to new mamas because we've all been there :0)

  9. It's hard. Just really hard and you will survive and wonder what life was like before this. It is a time that is so demanding of you...your time, your body, and everything else. I wasn't good at the "sleep when she sleeps" either. I started my nights very early (730-8pmish or whenever she fed around then). I would go to sleep after that feeding and then stay in bed until 8ish the next morning. So even if I was up 6 times feeding, I still got a decent amt of sleep. Also, I kept a lamp that could be dimmed by turning the switch, very low all night. Low enough for us to sleep but high enough to see to feed.
    I am a big fan of swaddling. Get a good (big) swaddling blanket and swaddle away! That may help her to feel more secure when she is sleeping. My daugther hated it for the first week, but I was consistent and it was really hard to stop swaddling when she was much, much bigger. She grew to love it.

  10. lol! You may not eat/sleep/shower much for the first few weeks, it's normal! Swaddling can work wonders, and if your little one wants to be held all the time, try babywearing. Then baby has her cuddling/being held needs met, and your hands are free. There are so many options for babywearing, slings, wraps, carriers. Do a google search or make a trip to your nearest baby center.

  11. Looking back, those first few weeks were the easiest. I just didn't know it yet. I fell asleep at the end of our nursing sessions. You get more comfortable as you go and realize that she's not going to fall. Those were the best naps of my life! try and relax, don't do to much...they grow so fast and you want to remember this as long as possible. As she gets older there will be less and less you will need to do so she can latch on. If you are still co sleeping you will wake up because she has decided that she was hungry, lol. Good Luck and have fun!

  12. Hi there! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and your daughter is beautiful!
    I'm a new mommy to a 4 month old and my first week or so was VERY exhausting! Before Gavin was born, I had all intentions to have him sleep in his crib starting on day one but that never happened. He slept in our bed for about a month and a half before we transitioned him to his crib. It was so much easier to nurse him when he was already in bed and he seemed to fall asleep a lot easier when he was laying between his mama and papa.
    Your body is going to adjust to the lack of sleep. I never took a single nap after Gavin was born...I always used those times to shower or clean. When Josie gets older, she will be more interested in playing with her toys and that will keep her entertained for 30 minutes or so so you can do your stuff around the house.
    Many of my friends keep telling me this is the easy part...once they start walking, it gets even crazier!

  13. She is such a sweetie :)
    I *completely* understand...Colin is eating every hour and a half, and Katie was awake 24/7, even when she was a newborn! haha :)
    What worked for us was to keep the basinette right next to our bed, on my side, so when the baby gets hungry you can just lean over and get them.
    I will say that we let Katie sleep in our bed pretty often and I'm trying not to do that with Colin, just because it was really hard to get her to sleep on her own in her room. But honestly, whatever works for you is the best thing to do! :)
    For Colin, swaddling is helping keep him content in the basinette, and singing to him. :)
    Showers are still crazy hard to fit in every day...I have to wait until Kevin's home from work (he works third shift) so he can watch both of them for me to shower and get makeup put on, all that good stuff. :)
    It's definitely a balancing act, but there is nothing else in this world that is so precious! :)

  14. oy - the first few weeks are hard, no matter what. i would always forget to eat so i used to keep snacks (fruit, granola, tortilla chips, etc) on the table next to where i would always nurse. at least that way i could have something to nibble on while i was nursing. and putting the baby in the bouncer in the bathroom is a great idea - the sound of the water used to always make my son fall asleep :] good luck, you're gonna get through it!

  15. The first weeks are hard. I had Jamie home on paternity leave for about 6 weeks and even then it was hard. We didn't have any family around. My advice is to try to get a few minutes to yourself everyday. Even if it is a nice hot shower. Sofi slept in our bed for about 4-5 months. Breastfeeding is so much easier when you're all in the same bed, although Jamie did bottlefeed (with pumped breastmilk) at night for a few weeks. Hang in there! It will get better.....
    xo Cathy

  16. Oh Amber...she is so sweet! You know what, you do what you can. All 5 of mine slept in bed with me, exactly how you said, cuddled in my arms. That was the ONLY way I got any sleep, and they all turned out just fine:) The way I showered was to bring the bouncy seat into the bathroom, awake or asleep, and I showered. If they cry, I just hurried:) Eating is still tough:) but you eat a little whenever you can. I know you have an amazing understanding husband and if you don't get dinner on the table for the next month you will survive:) A baby sling is my saving grace. You can cook, clean, type all while the little one is snuggled against you. Love them! These days are precious and my best advice for you is go with the flow. God gave you instincts just follow them. Dont second guess yourself. You are her mother and what you decide is just right for her. You will eventually find your flow, and it will be perfect! Congrats on your little beauty! I am on my way to sign up for your class!

  17. Hey girlie, the pics are beautiful. I wanted to suggest the book "baby wise" I have a few friends who swear by it. It teaches you scheduling for your baby. Their babies slept through the night at 7 weeks old! Anyway I am planning on getting it soon! Praying for you!

  18. Remember this will all take time.
    Just do what you can do. It's ok to ask for help.
    I would shower when baby was sleeping and never set my expectations high for each day. I was happy when I was able to do one load of laundry or empty the dishwasher each day.
    Don't stress out over the little things, just do what feels right.
    And, I swaddled my little girl up nice and tight and she LOVED that.

  19. Tobi Kelly8:36 AM

    There is nothing more exhausting and more precious than a newborn. It is hard, bottom line. But I promise #1 you are not alone-even though it feels that way at 2am, when you believe everyone else in the world is asleep, except YOU! #2 it doesn't last forever. Just do the best you can, and let the rest go. Take help from anyone you can, and call the rest good. Your house can be a mess, there can be no meals cooked and that is okay, and if you only shower and put on clean PJs and leave your hair wet that is okay too. It won't last forever. As far as the baby in the bed, go with your gut...I did both, my kids are 9 and 6 and occasionally still in my bed, and you know what, I'm good with it. They are happy, content, and very secure in their confidence and the love we have for them. We get them as little people for such a short part of their lives. God Bless you Momma, you will soar at this, even if it feels like you just fell out of the nest.

  20. Jamie W.8:54 AM

    Exhaustion comes with the territory. You will be exhausted--it just has to be dealt with. But it does get better--very soon! Even a few more weeks down the road will be easier than right now. i think weeks 2-4 are the hardest. Week 1 you are still excited about this new person. Then the sleep deprivation starts to accumulate and it gets harder. After week 4, they are better able to soothe themselves and don't need to be fed so often. They can play more and spend more time awake and content. It's fun! I have a new baby that is 2 1/2 weeks old. So I am right there with you! I also have 2 other kids--5 and 2--so I know that it will get better! That's what I keep telling myself when I feel overwhelmed. You have to force yourself to sleep and rest while you can. Let other things go. There is plenty of time for all of that in the months to come. They are only tiny for a very very short time!
    Ps-I have loved it when my kids slept in the bed with us. It is great bonding time. My 5 year old would only sleep if he was next to me in my bed. I loved it! Sometimes I wish he still wanted to sleep by me (though I'm glad he doesn't!). Do whatever is best for you and your family.

  21. Your baby is beautiful! Just wanted to bring up another point that no one has raised. I personally get concerned with cosleeping due to the increased risk of suffocation/SIDS. I think the research indicates there is a strong risk. http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/eletters/112/4/883 is a letter from the author of a study showing these risks. Here is an excerpt of that conversation from the author of the study:
    I stand by our research in the Oct. 6 issue of Pediatrics that shows babies who share beds with their parents are as much as 40 times more likely to suffocate compared to babies who sleep in cribs.
    It had been my hope that parents could use the hard statistical data that demonstrates the riskiness of bedsharing to make decisions to keep their babies safe.
    In our Western culture, adults sleep on beds that have soft pillows and plush bedding. While these beds are comfortable for adults, they are unsafe for babies. In other parts of the world, adults sleep on surfaces without soft covers and fluffy pillows. These sleep surfaces may be safe for babies, although data substantiating this are rare. The beds that most of the Western world sleep on are not. Parents who choose to bring their infants into their cushy adult beds need to know they are taking an unnecessary risk, then assess their actions.
    In addition, I know of no data that say that babies taken to bed to breast feed are somehow safer than those taken to bed and bottle fed. There are several reports of babies taken to bed solely to breast feed who have died suddenly and unexpectedly.
    Some parents might prefer to remain ignorant that sharing a bed with their infant can have life-threatening consequences. They characterize the idea that co-sleeping is hazardous as an "urban myth." They dismiss the statistics that show the dangers of bed-sharing as alarmist.
    Our research was an objective study that quantified the number of babies who suffocated in adult beds, compared to those who suffocated in cribs. The research was not designed to scare parents. Rather, the research should empower parents.
    I feel certain that the vast majority of parents would rather have information to do everything within their power to nurture their infants and demonstrate the ultimate parental bonding. The safest place for a baby to sleep is in a crib.
    James S. Kemp Associate professor of pediatrics, Saint Louis University School of Medicine
    Director of Sleep Disorders program, SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's
    I post this not to make you feel bad or make you feel this is the only way, but just to give you information. Ask your pediatrician what they think. You might consider a cosleeper product that allows your baby to be right beside the bed at arms length but not in the bed....
    BTW, if it makes any difference, I'm a pediatrician, strong proponent of breastfeeding and momma to 2, almost 3 little girls.

  22. Hi Amber... your baby is SO beautiful. I don't want to scare you but PLEASE be careful when you sleep with your baby in the bed. I am nurse and my husband is a doctor.. and this is more than often the cause of "SIDS" which we see very often. I know these first weeks are SO tough... but sometimes its best to really be strict on that sleeping routine in order for a little sanity later on... and to secure your baby's absolute safety. All the best, keep smiling and keep strong...

  23. I've skimmed the comments and you are getting such great advice- IMO. The most important advice I can give you is to remember that whatever you are going through, take a breath and remember it is TEMPORARY. My sister would remind me of this everyday when we had James Neal. *Good thing too, bc for whatever reason- exhaustion probably- sometimes it was really hard for me to be rational about "is this how it is going to be forever?" Honestly, the first two weeks are nearly impossible. The first two months, our son slept with us. You are a nursing mother- and for me, it just made sense for me to have James next to me, so when he would wake I could roll over and feed him without ever really waking either of us completely. Plus, it was the only way for me to sleep deeply for some reason. And NO he had no problem transitioning to his crib... we did this around 2 months. *Also, I'm a big big fan of swaddling. The tighter we wrapped our little burrito, the happier and more soundly he slept. *And let the house run itself for a while. There is no such thing as a 'routine' during these first couple of months... so just take help where you can, take care of yourself, and take care of Josie.the.Beauty. For me, the clouds cleared around month three... and everything was as it should be. Hang in there! Your bloggers are so *proud* of you...

  24. Congratulations amber! She is so perfect. I know what you're saying about not being able to nap. I have no advice. :)

  25. She is beautiful Amber! The first couple of weeks were a blur for me, too. We had a love seat in H's nursery where I would sit and nurse him and I can't tell you how many nights I ended up sleeping on that thing! We never co-slept but that is probably b/c his room was right down the hall and our doggie had dibs on the bed. Just try to quiet your mind and DON'T worry if the house is clean, or the dishes are done, etc. There will be plenty of time to take care of that stuff later. Concentrate on your family and just breathe.
    Oh, and we had 3 bouncy chairs...one for upstairs, downstairs, and his nursery...and I don't know what I would have done w/out them. :)

  26. you can totally ignore my advice.
    if you had a plate of chocolate chip cookies beside you in bed, you'd wake up every hour to have one, right?
    also, have you tried swaddling? i never thought my kids liked it, but i never swaddled them. until my third son... he loved it, and slept like a dream from just a couple weeks old.

  27. So great to see Josie getting bigger and healthier! She is beautiful! Love the new pics!

  28. I highly recommend the co sleeper that goes in your bed with you, it has a light on it. It was a life saver. My third would only sleep like your little one is so we felt safe with this in the bed so we could not roll over on her, or blankets get on her etc. she slept in it until like 4 or 5 mos old. it was also great for late night nursing!

  29. sherrivonl7:56 AM

    amber, i think you are doing great. not getting much sleep, no housework, no time for showers...this is all the reality of having a newborn baby! it is hard no matter how you slice it.
    you have been getting good advice here, the swaddling, the sling...and also sometimes she just may have to cry for a few minutes in the bouncy seat while you shower. just bring her in the bathroom with you and take a quick shower. i know as moms we don't want our kids to cry, we want to make sure we are doing the best for them, but i like to think of it like this....for your baby to never cry all day would be like us not talking all day, i mean at some point we need to make some noise, right? as long as you know she isn't hungry or in a poopy diaper or sick, and she is safe in the bouncy seat you can shower, or throw together a quick dinner or lunch. then back to nursing and cuddling!
    hayden was my worst sleeper & liked to be held a lot. (i think you got a taste of that when you babysat him that one night!!) my other three boys were so much better, but each one is different. but now, here is is 5 and such a big boy. i would give anything to have one of those nights back now...where we just nursed and cuddled together all night. it really was a special time even if he drove me crazy when he wouldn't let me scrapbook 3 feet away from him! it is hard to see now in the middle of it, but it won't last forever. One day you will get all those things back, the sleep, the ability to clean your house, cook & shower...those things all return, but your baby is only a newborn once! Take a deep breath and keep your goals for the day small and reachable!

  30. Have I told you lately, that your little Josie, is adorable??

  31. Bless your heart sweet girl. That girl has got to stop eating every two hours or you are going to run yourself ragged.
    The whole shower thing perplexed me at first but then i just took showers once Jimmy got home :)
    oh la la! Free is always nice! Thanks for the offering :)

  32. She's is so gorgeous! And about the first two weeks....well, i have two children and our son was born last April. The one thing i really didn't look forward to was that first period. It's so exhausting! Terrible. Of course i enjoyed holding my son, the cuddling and taking care of him, but the lack of sleep is just horrible. I tried to sleep whenever he did, and he wanted to be held ALL THE TIME!!! So i totally understand what you mean. There were times i felt so tired and exhausted i just cried while holding him. Looking at his sweet face and realising how lucky we are with our two beautiful kids really helped me pull through these first rough weeks. And you know...i often felt pretty terrible for wishing him to stop crying or to just fall asleep by himself. But that's all part of motherhood i guess! In a month or two things will be a lot calmer once you've found a new rythm.
    Next month he'll turn 1! And now i can look back at those first weeks at being very precious but pretty rough at the same time. And that what makes it so special. Knowing you were there for your child and loved him unconditionally.

  33. Amber I am currently reading a book called The No-cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley that addresses exactly what you are asking. She even mentions that the "sleep when the baby sleeps" solution isn't always practical. I think she also has a website. I haven't had a chance to put anything into practice yet as we are still waiting for our boy to arrive :) But my theory is to arm myself with as much info as possible and then try to see what works!

  34. OMG is she ever darling!!!! Newborns are precious but I feel ya on wanting to be able to get some stuff done...a swing and bouncy seat are great in the first few weeks/months but I have found with both my children that an activity saucer proved to be invaluable! I used the same Graco one for the both of them and have it stored in case God blesses me with a little girl. It is the absolute best thing I ever bought for my kids and actually kept them entertained while I showered and gave me time to eat and such...As soon as they are able to sit up somewhat they are good to go in the saucer...it gives their tiny lags a chance to gain strength as they move around it and they love pulling all the gadgets into their mouth or banging the toys that play music. It's very education, as long as you shop around and get one that has lots of fun, movable toys on it...some of them are lame and don't do anything but LOOK interesting....
    I wish you luck and remember you'll get through it just fine, we all did!

  35. so up until this week, I was such an exhausted mommy...I didn't know how I could continue with the on-demand feeding and never knowing what Colin wanted one minute or the next...the waking all hours of the night as he would cry in his crib...all of it. And then I remembered that Baby Wise book this week...I read it in one evening, put it into action...and oh my goodness, I feel like I have my life back!!! I now know (for the most part what he wants at all times) when he cries for something...girlfriend, please take a gander at your book and maybe try it.
    Also with the swaddling, another late night find on the computer because I just couldn't take it anymore...there are some videos on You Tube that show the "Happiest Baby on the Block" swaddling. You have to basically mummy-fy the baby (and yes she will protest when you try to wrap her and keep her arms down)...after I did it that way (I too was always letting his arms out and he would cry and cry everytime I tried to put him to bed)...he now goes soundly to sleep with the arms down and tight swaddling. Trick is you need a stretchy type blanket to get a nice tight swaddle. Okay, enough of my limited experience advice...let me know if there is a good time I can come by in the next week...we can chat and trade experiences. If anything it will be therapeutic for you! ;)

  36. Oh yes, and take the bouncy chair in the bathroom with you while you shower. Do it right after a feeding so she is nice and full and will just relax in the chair while you take care of yourself!

  37. OK, I came late to this game!! Try to get her to nurse while you are laying down... and don't let anyone tell you that co-sleeping is bad! :)
    And then learn the "counter/upper breast" latch-on! LOL!
    I didn't even THINK about this possibility until my second! I can breastfeed the "top" breast, and not have to have my baby change sides (like when nursing from the same side, latch to either breast... that top breast is tricky, but doable! :) ) ? WOW! Didn't occur to me! LOL! It takes practice, and some counter balance! :) But I soon was able to dose off when he nursed on this "top-side". I am thankful to the person that clued me on this! LOL!
    Mothering Mag. has lots of great articles.
    And your having a slog-wonderful! Even with one, I could not imagine not being hands free with baby in a sling! And then having two and more, lifesaver!