Wednesday, April 29, 2009

About FACE...7 weeks

Hey Hey!
My NEXT class is up for sale in the SIStv Boutique!
I use these techniques when editing photos so what you see in my photos, you'll be able to do yourself now!
Would love to have you in class!!!

Well, Josie is still not a bottle fan.
I've gotten the playtex nursers w/the brown latex nipples which she has yet to try.
I got a nuk bottle and she took 1.5 oz of that last nite w/Josh while I went to my inlaws across the street.
Josh said she would've taken it all if she didn't take it out of her mouth to burp her.
But after he tried to give it back to her, she wouldn't take it at all.
So I came home and nursed her.
Any more suggestions?

I got some new fabric for another swaddling blanket for her.
I took her 7 week photo in it.
So sweet after a great feeding and nap.
It's a great stretchy waffleknit!

Im anxious for her lil eyebrows to start showing some color! Her eyelashes grow every day! So long and curling!
Her lil eyebrows are there but are blonde at the moment.

The week has been good.
5 nights in a row of 6 hour sleep stretches!
Down to just one nightly feeding still!
So grateful for that!

Well...just a small share today.
Going to try and rest while she is napping!
I must remember to do that on days when I can.


  1. Cutie pie Josie!! Love the apple fabric! Of course she is the Apple of your eye!

  2. oooooh that is a CUTE blanket. it should be a patterned paper :)

  3. i love all your posts! and i totally wish i could take your class, but it's not in the budget right now... and i nursed exclusively [minus 2 bottles] until my baby was 6 months old, so i am no help... sorry. :(
    anyway, where do you get your fabric for swaddling blankets? how do you finish the edges? etc, etc, etc.

  4. amber-hey! i am like your new blog stalker! lol!!
    i used the adiri bottle ( with my daughter(s) and they both went between them with not alot of troubles.
    my lactation consultant also said that you can have someone wrap something you wear (shirt, blankie you sleep with, etc) around it, leaving the nipple out and have the person giving it put the bottle under their armpit so that its like a breast. she will position just like nursing, maybe have the person lie with her doing it?
    have josh try and see! good luck!!!
    ps-you're doing a wonderful job!! she's GORGEOUS!!!

  5. where are you getting these fabrics girl???? they are so cute!!
    i would just keep trying more and more nipples till you find the one she wants. :) have you tried Dr. Brown's? I could give you one of the nipples I have...I also have Medela ones if you want to try...

    OK, I just looked up at the comment above! LOL!
    The adiri is expensive, but it was the only thing my babies would take and even that was just for emergencies... they held out for the real thing most of the time. :) If not going back to work, she will eventually go for awhile with you not around... but this young, it might be best to wait some. I know it is hard not to have the free time, but taking her with and nursing is actually still the easiest.
    I found just taggin' along with a sling to be the best.

  7. 6 hours at night?! LUCKY!!! :) Colin's two months old and still waking up every hour and a half, two hours to eat. I am sooo bleary eyed at work! :)
    With the bottle thing...we use the soothie brand bottles with Colin and we did with Katie too. It definitely helped to have someone other than me give them the bottles, if I was nearby they definitely wanted me to nurse them. :)
    I hope she'll start taking it better for you guys! :)

  8. Will your class be archived? I have class that weekend but would love to take it--especially at that price!! I'm a stalker of your blog by the way but I never comment--LOVE your stuff!

  9. What a beautiful girl!
    Try not to stress about bottles. My daughter never took one...I tried a zillion different kinds and drove myself crazy. I eventually gave up and felt much better. When she's a bit older you could try a little b.milk in a cup.

  10. What a beautiful girl!
    Try not to stress about bottles. My daughter never took one...I tried a zillion different kinds and drove myself crazy. I eventually gave up and felt much better. When she's a bit older you could try a little b.milk in a cup.

  11. Oh my- Where in the world did you get that fabric? It's adorable!!! :)

  12. i saw that fabric at joanns but never thought of using it for swaddling! your brilliant!! my advice on the patient:) it takes time for them to adjust:) she is so bute with her sweet eyelashes!

  13. my daughter is almost 3 months and didn't have too much of an issue taking the bottle. we actually gave it to her a few days after she was born, since I didn't have any milk yet. I'm going back to work pretty soon and now just breastfeed her maybe twice a day, and give her a bottle the rest of the time. I say just keep trying, don't give up just yet. I've read to have someone other than you give the bottle too, so that they get used to the idea that food can come from someone other than you. I use the Dr. Brown bottles and haven't had to try any others yet. good luck and hang in there! i know how frustrating it can get!

  14. I love the eyes!! so beautiful and shiny. :) nice baby wrap you've got there for the sweetie.

  15. Hi, so I used to be one of your "blog stalkers" but I had stopped blogging and reading blogs several months ago and I decided to do my rounds again today and what do you know! You gave birth to your daughter! I remember seeing pictures of you when you were pregnant! I know this is late but congratulations!

  16. Hey AMber!
    That lil girl of yours is just too cute!(well you can never be too cute!)Shes gorgeous and very stylish! ;)
    You should order some Tommee Tippee "Back to nature" bottles off the net. You get them in the UK and dont know if you get them in the US? My daughter wouldnt use any other bottle because the "nipples"/teets on them were too long if you get what I mean? Tommee Tippee are big large round teets that are like boobs! The teet part is just a little dumpy nipple.They are specially designed (based on breasts obviosuly)to ease the move from breast to bottle. My daughter loved hers! Gave Mummy a rest and dad a chance to bond by giving her feeds! Try them! theyre great!This reply is just making me giggle so much! All this talk of teets and nipples and boobs!ha ha!