Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Weekend

Our weekend was great!
Friday I had my postpartum appt w/my midwife.
It went great!
Josh took the day off and we went to Centennial Park in downtown Nashville afterward.
Josie's first park day!
A friend who happen to see my status that day on Facebook saying we were in the park happen to also be there and found us! So crazy that Facebook status thing!
Because he was there, we were able to get our first family photo!
Here are some shots from the day!
Of course she was fussing for the photo b/c I just picked her up from her cozy spot on her bobby and blanket.
Daddy dazing at his lil girl!
Oh, and she is sporting a Amy Tangerine onsie custom made by my sweet friend Amy Tan!
Sweet Baby Cheeks.
She was so relaxed after having a nice full tummy and being outdoors really for the first time.
We sat under a beautiful tree & just relaxed for a lil while.
Then we went to Whole Foods to get some non-dairy grocery items for me since I'm on a dairy free diet now.
She is doing a lot better since I've been off dairy too.
Her poo is getting back to that mustard yellow that it's suppose to be!
So a milk protein was definitely the culprit.
Hoping that I can slowly add it back in as she gets a bit older.

Saturday, we offically went back to work.
Ulmer Studios that is.
We had a sweet photo session w/a lil 19 month old girl.
Josh did most of the running around.
I realize I did a lil more than I should've and I didn't even do much.
Still gotta take it a bit easy.
Chasing a 19 month old is not recommended anymore!
It was our first time w/out Josie.
My parents watched her for a few hours.
I left some stored milk w/them but she didn't take it very well.
We used a nipple for 1+month but I think the flow is too fast for her still.
So we are going back the step below that.
We are going to have daddy give her some expressed milk by bottle a few nights this week for her to get used to the artificial nipple b/c we are SLAMMED the month of May so she will be w/Grannie & Pop a lot so we have to get her used to taking a bottle some.
Any other suggestions on how to do that?
She hardly took any by bottle for my 'rents.

Well, back to work on stuff for my next class at SIStv!
Stay Tuned!

Oh and today is the last day to sign up for the BLOG CLASS AT SIStv!


  1. Tobi Jean10:03 AM

    Hey there...I have to tell you something hard to hear...something that might make you want to hang up on me if we were on the phone...
    but, I think you can trust me because I have two beautiful baby girls, one is now 10, the other is 6. The oldest was strickly breast fed, no formula EVER, and would really NOT take a bottle, the second one...she had about 3/4 breast 1/4 formula with a bottle. Okay, so here goes:
    She will take the bottle whens he gets hungry enough...and I promise she will not starve herself to death! Her human nature will kick in and when she wants it bad enough she will take is miserable for the person who is trying desperately to get her to take it, and it seems horrible for the baby...but all will survive. This is the advice I got from a 90 year old lovely woman...and she was right. God Bless!

  2. I agree with the PP. Babies will not starve....they will eat, it just will take some time introducing a new nipple. Make sure too that you are not around...Josie can "smell" you and will fight the artificial nipple. Make sure that her milk is warm enough too....remember she's used to warm milk :)

  3. What great pictures! There is a Centennial Park where I live too , fun!

  4. So nice to see that you had together a good time. My due date is friday and I get in the mood for my lil girl. So sweet to walk in the parc with hubs and out lil girl. Great photo's. Mika

  5. she is just lovely!!

  6. such cute photos! :) Colin is still on Level 1 nipples (the smallest I think) and he is 10 weeks Thursday. So maybe try going back down. I think the others are right, she will get used to it and won't go without eating. :) I think it helped ease the transition to more bottles when I had Brandon start doing the late night 10pm-ish feeding every was after a solid week of that, that we started introducing more he's his second day at day care and he is doing 3 expressed bottles a day. Now I do the two evening feedings and the morning one myself (and treasure that time!) :)

  7. OK, I just commented on the post above... but unless a wedding, would anyone really care if you had her in a sling during a session??