Thursday, April 23, 2009

I actually did it...

So ya... I actually scraped today.

I can't believe it.

It's been months.

I had to play w/the Studio Calico kit I had sitting here!

I just adored all the products b/c it was mostly Sassafras.

So here is Josie's first page.

A photo of her in that milk coma.

Im telling you that this photo makes me so happy.

My milk didn't come in til day 7 and this photo was taken on day 8.

She was finally satisfied and had a full tummy after 7 long days.

Those 7 days were the most nerve wracking and anxiety filled days ever.

She was losing weight daily and it scared me to death.

So it's just a lil note to her about all that.


It felt SO good to scrap again.
I will slowly get back into the swing of things.
Time management is key.
With me working from home now on several different projects in addition to
Ulmer Studios
it's hard to fit it in.
Im going to try though.
So... she is 6 weeks!
You know what that means...
What a sweet lil face huh?
I adore her kissy lips!
I just can't get enough of her...
Well the week has been great.
Got some work done.
Anxious to launch our website.
Working in new SIStv Classes!
Speaking of...

I am SOOO taking this class!
I can't wait to give my blog a face lift!
CLICK HERE to sign up!

Off to be mama.
And I had to ETA this...
I do the "Happiest Baby on the Block" swaddle right...
down up down up...
I even bought my own fabric so it was stretchy enough.
Im always SOOO good at it.. she is wrapped up so tight and snuggly...
Well I just went to wake her up from her nap to eat...
and I walk in our room to this...
Apparently I didn't do a good job this morning!


  1. Amber6:41 AM

    She is super precious! Love the page....I know the feeling of not scrapping in forever, too. I have 18 days until my Noah is due!

  2. Sweet sweet new page of Josie and I love her new 6 week pics!

  3. what a great page!! josie is such a darling baby! i LOVE her hair! :]

  4. Awww!! She is sooooooooo cute!! I love her bright eyes and little lips!

  5. those photos are darling! I love how bright her eyes are - the colour is gorgeous! such a beautiful bubba!

  6. definitely sweet! and i absolutely love the milk comas...especially knowing that i did that. kwim? i know that you are so in love. unbelievable, isn't it.

  7. What a very beautiful little girl. I love all the pictures you post. She has a sweet little face. Very Very happy for you.

  8. ADORABLE :)
    And, I finally stopped swaddling Kara's feet. Now, it's just her arms that are strapped down. And she stays wrapped up like a burrito :)
    CUTE 6 week pictures!!!

  9. sooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!

  10. my heart melts... she's SO adorable! Look at those eyes! :)

  11. You should come join the Studio Calico message boards! She is just SO cute! She looks a lot like daddy!

  12. your layout is darling, as is your girlie :) xo

  13. Amber she is so so beautiful! I love her little hair clips! so cute!
    I have about 50 million pics of my daughter until now.I just couldnt get anything done! Id pick up my camera, "just to take one photo" and then about an hour later Id be finished! ha ha!
    So cute anyhoo!

  14. love that page!!! she is just precious! i love her little lips, they are too sweet!!

  15. Love the pages and Miss Josie is looking pretty cute these days!!