Friday, August 14, 2009

#1 on Explore...Rolled Over...Layout

check this...
so pumped!
So excited!
#1 on Explore for August 10th!

And... yesterday evening, we heard Josie crying as she was waking up from her afternoon nap.... which is normal... so we went up after a few minutes when we knew she wouldn't settle down and guess what?
She was on her tummy!
Rolled over for the first time!
Poor girl couldn't figure out how to get back over though!
So happy that she did it on her own!
We've been practicing with my help of course...
She's doing great!
And... because she refuses to drink from a bottle... for anyone...
several ppl suggested getting her a sippy cup instead.
So we did.
And she takes it to her mouth and chomps on the spout...
She makes a pretty foul face though...
could she not be liking the taste of the silicon spout?
Any other suggestions for me?
She just refuses a bottle...
I'm not complaining at all...
I love that my girl love to nurse...
we have 2 weddings in October and when my parents keep her,
I'd really like her to be happy for them and take a bottle when she is hungry instead of screaming like she does now! haha
So any other suggestions?

I have a layout to share!
Used up some Sassafras


also posted up a cute session over at
Ulmer Studios
So hit that up if you're in the mood!


  1. Heather10:29 AM

    My little one went through the same thing refusing the bottle. I would suggest that the two of you keep working with her to take it. Then she won't be completely upset when, not being with you, someone tries one on her. Hope that helps.

  2. I know you wanted her to take up tablefood when she wad ready rather than a strict timeline...but a friend told me she had that problem when she went to work. She put her daughter on rice cereal a lil bit early and mixed breast milk with it.

  3. Hi Amber I haven't commented on your blog for ages (well I haven't actually commented on anyone's blog for ages) anyway when I saw what you were say about little Josie not wanting to drink out of the bottle I was laughing because I remember my Mum saying the exact same thing about me!! I don't know how old I was when i refused the bottle but I know she gave me the sippy cup! Sorry I'm not much help but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who refused the bottle LOL

  4. We had the same problem with our son, but then someone suggested we switch bottles and it worked! We had great luck with Dr. Browns, which were what the lactation consultant recommended anyway. (We thought the Breast Flow would be better...he ended up hating them.)

  5. Hey - I had the exact same problem with Eli - he never would take a bottle. My parents would keep him and he would just hold out until I got home to nurse...the boy loves to nurse! haha
    I tried all kinds of sippy cups and the only ones that worked were the Nuby ones. I got mine at Walmart...he immediately drank out of them and now can drink out of the other kind. They are more shaped like a nipple to me (the Nuby ones)...but I will say...he will only drink water out of it. Still won't drink breast milk out of is like he knows! :)
    Good Luck!!

  6. I'm assuming you're pumping and offering brest milk in the bottle, right? Best advice I have, someone other than you needs to feed her the bottle. And you'll probably have to be out of her sight and smell so she doesn't sense you. My good friend had very good luck with trying the bottle when her daughter was most hungry and most happy. First thing in the morning. They tried a few minutes every day, pretty soon she was a champ!
    I agree with the previous posters that Dr. Browns and the Nuby bottles from Walmart are great. The Nuby bottles are cheap, like $1 each, so if she hates it, not much money lost. And they are super soft, much like a bottle nipple.
    Good luck. While it's tiring for you to be the only one to feed her, you're doing what's best for her! :) Keep it up!

  7. My daughter did the exact same thing! I never did figure out why, but have since talked to several mommas with the same problem. The sippies that look like they have a soft "straw" were the only ones all of our babies would take. Good luck!!!

  8. Chantel8:52 PM

    Hi there, first time I have commented on your blog, have to say love it madly. Your angel is just too gorjuss. I was unfortunately unable to breast feed, but my friend breastfed her little one and when she had to go back to work, had a similar problem. She found the bottle nipple was the problem, what worked for her was the old fashioned brown teats, not the new clear ones, she said it worked like a charm. Just a thought.
    Sunny South Africa

  9. i'm loving that layout with SSFs...keep on scrapping girl!