Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5 Months

Can't believe it.
She is 5 months old.
Where did the time go?
Too fast.
The other morning, l was waking her up and I leaned in to kiss her and she just grabbed all my hair and face and pulled me to her and kissed back and closed her eyes like she was just so happy..
It melted my heart...
So is so affectionate. I love it.
Here are some sweet photos of me and her that I just adore...
20090808-IMG_1150 copy
20090808-IMG_1155 copy
20090808-IMG_1162 copy
Thanks Daddy for taking these!

This week I've just been getting client orders ready and uploaded to our printer and delivering orders.

Im going to try and work on some scrappy thing at some point.
Josephine lately hasn't been taking much of an afternoon nap and my mornings are spent working on photography stuff so my afternoons are pretty much just spent entertaining her.
Hope to work on something soon though!

Been really enjoying spending some time in the Word in the evenings while laying in bed.
It's been great to really meditate on it before falling asleep & unwinding/.
Josh & I are able to have some great uninterrupted discussions on stuff.

I've got an article to work on as well for Celine's magazine...
Trying to think of what to write about...
any suggestions?
What would you be interested in me touching on scrapbooking wise?

Oh, got a post up at
Ulmer Studios


  1. What PRECIOUS pictures! You and little Josephine are both beautiful!

  2. 5 months! Congratulations on having such a beautiful happy girl!

  3. OH MY GOD! She's just like the cutest & coolest little girl I've seen! What a darling!
    And YOU, my friend, look amazingly BEAUTIFUL!

  4. These are just beautiful!

  5. That first pic is timeless!

  6. Jules D3:56 PM

    The pictures are just beautiful. What a gift. Enjoy every minute of it.

  7. You two are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love the photos!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I need more like these with Kieran in our Moby :) Happy 5 months Josie!!!

  9. She is just so beautiful!
    And your hair is super cute like that :0)