Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Linkage & Scrap

So since my last post...
We celebrated our 5 year Anniversary!
Can't believe it.
I feel like we blinked and we are here in our 6th year together.
How can that happen?!
Especially now w/a lil girl w/us on this journey, life is happening way to fast for my liking.
So here we are.
Year 6.

We took Josh's sister & BIL out to practice some shooting skills on us for a lil family session of us.
Here is just a peek of the session!
We will share our favorites soon!

and a AC layout!
Gotta LOVE that Letterbox Line!

I have updated my link lists down at the bottom on my blog.
A list of favorite photographers of ours... which the list will be growing.
A list of favorite crafters of mine...which will keep growing as well.
So check them often for new links.

Well, Josephine is up from her morning nap so off to cuddle & nurse!


  1. So glad to have celebrated 5yrs with you!! Can't wait for the next 5!!!


  2. That first pic is suuuuper cute! I love it :)