Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome To Our New Home!

So we are back at blogger now.
I'll be still doing some maintenance as I get the blog up to par so pardon the dust.
Here are a few of Josie's photos we took on her 8 month Birthday last week.
Sporting the Baby Legs...

Still can NOT believe 8 months have gone by.
She is amazing.
An amazing sleeper.
An amazing nurser & solid food lover.
An amazing potty girl.
An amazing baby in general.
Everyone comments about how HAPPY she is all the time!
I swear it's b/c she was swaddled 24/7 as an infant! If she wasn't nursing or being changed, she was swaddled! I swear by it.

We are finally starting to come up for air from our busiest month ever w/Ulmer Studios.
We are going to be cranking on our BLOG so be sure to check it out bi weekly for recent posts!

I will be scrapbooking this next week or so! I just go the Letterbox Line from AC!
It's lovely!!
Also, got a cute card up over at the AC BLOG!
Not much of a card person but loved making this one!

So Im going to try and work on this new blog!
Quick question...
Do you want a lil blog roll down the sidebar? Like links to some of my favorite blogs from photographers to scrapbookers to all around crafters?
Let me know and I will start working on the list!
Leave me a comment...


  1. she is so stinkin cute!! time really does fly... seems like just yesterday i was reading your first post since she was born!! :)

  2. she is soo cute!! I would love it if you would do a blog roll...especially photographers, as I am trying to learn and really love seeing different styles!! You are doing a great job...keep up the good work! Love, Jess

  3. Dude. Josie is SO CUTE. Seems like you just had her... How strange.

    Lovin' the new blog!

  4. your girl is a doll! i don't usually comment, but i follow you in a reader. i would love to see such a blog roll!

    are you using a blogger template? i love this look!

  5. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Hi Amber, love love love your blog and love reading all about everything, I check it everyday to see if you've posted! Yes to your Q and cant wait to see your next scrapbook pages :-)

  6. Oh my, she is such a little button!! :) And I am such a fan of blogrolls. They rock. I need them to be inspired, sometimes!! :)