Thursday, December 17, 2009

Family Photos

Lots of photos to share today!
So here goes!
The day after our 5 year Anniversary, we had my brother in law and Josh's sister take some photos of us as a family. We coached them through what we wanted and I think it turned out great!

I snapped that one of lil bit.

These photos below are her "pirate face" as we call it. So glad they were able to capture her doing it! She huffs and puffs while she's doing it.

I love this bottom shot of my two J's!

We like to kiss & like kissy pictures... sorry!

 I snapped this one of lil Josephine.

and we had to get some photos of mama & daddy together. It's been a while since we've had any.

 Lil girl loves mama's necklaces!

I think that might be all my absolute favorites...

So we are photographers right... and only have 2... 2... photos on our wall! Crazy right?! We spend so much time working on client stuff it's hard to think about what we want for our walls... and especially since we are uber picky, we have yet to nail down a display design we like. So we are still working on it for our 3-4 left empty walls.
However, we did get one area done last week!
This is our front door to the left... we have a 1970's spilt level so that is our "landing". I am standing upstairs in our living room looking down on the landing taking the shot. Our lower floors door is to the right.
These are 10x13 in size. Love them so much! Will prolly add some embellisments to the area. In time.

and a few things Im working on...
A HUGE granny square afghan for Josephine. Made outta Lion Brand yard. It's so soft and chunky! I love it!

And inspired my Miss Elsie...

It holds my purple Blackberry Pearl keeping it nice and cozy.
Especially since my lil silver piece that holds my trackball fell out at the dr. office yesterday, I knew I needed to make this asap.
And lil bit around our house this Christmas. I have more projects Im still working on before I post photos.
This is as you come up our stairs into our living room. Our lil book shelve that is a constant work in progress to get it the way I want it. Still of cute ideas for it... it's not quite "there" yet.

And this is above our couch... waiting for a nice big photo collage to be designed inside. The frame is about 3ft x 4ft or something big like that.

So there are just some snippets...
Waiting to get a nice night time shot of our white tree. I'll have Josh take that one. He's so good at that.

We are just hanging at the house this week trying to get Josie over her first cold and her two top teeth are just about in. All they have left to do is just break the gum but they are RIGHT THERE... Both of them... at the same time... poor girl. She's not entirely misreable but I imagine teething & having her first cold is NO fun.
Still isn't disrupting her sleep though... sleeping right through 11+hours every night w/teething & a cold.
That's my girl!
Well off to play before I lay her down for her nap!
Hope you enjoyed the update!
Will be posting our first Family Christmas Card in my next post!


  1. Wow, gorgeous photos!

  2. love the pics!
    I have a big white frame like that over my bed! its empty too...waiting for the perfect fit! i have birds hanging over mine:) love that color on the frame!

  3. Beautiful pictures girl .. love them all