Monday, December 14, 2009

Who Dun It & Eye Candy Overlays

Yup! I am soooo happy that April asked me to GUEST for January!
The kit is so lovely!
The colors are so unique & they have lots of embellishments... LOTS!
And the HomeFront Paper line is seriously rad!
You can see the sneak peeks from the other designers right
So fun!

We've been fighting the sickies here in the Ulmer House since my last post.
Josie has her first lil cold I think.
Im going to the dr. today just to make sure.
She has a bit of congestion and a small cough.
9 months and just having her first cold!
We are so blessed!

So we got a fun email from sweet Jessica at Vol.25.
We are testing out her EyeCandy Overlays!
Here is just a quick lil sample I did.

Totally CUTE huh? I love them! You will surely see them around the blog here soon!
I am pretty in love w/her Zoo Prints she has in her shop too for Josie's room!

Totally cute right?!

Well that is all for today!
Josephine is waking up so time to nurse and then get ready for the dr. appt.
Hope it's just a small lil cold.
She is acting just as happy as usually.
Just a cough and stuffy head.

Oh... and be careful w/hot glue...
I was making those Felt Trees from Danielle Thompson's blog and some fell on the top of my thumb and I pulled it off before it had time to burn but I took several layers of skin with it...
It's pretty bad... so just keeping it clean and antibiotic ointment on it.


  1. Ouch! I've given up on hot glue for that very reason. It's bad enough sticking your fingers together, without burning them as well! Lol.

    I hope Josie is ok. x

  2. Love the zoo prints. Mika (