Thursday, December 03, 2009

Winner & Layouts & Style School

Hey Hey!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?!
Ours was fun!

We started a brand new tradition!
We will be setting up a photobooth at our 3 BIG family get togethers every year. Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve.
With lots of fun props!
These mustaches are from Elsie.
Everyone had a total blast!
Even Grandma!!!
Josie thought it was pretty hilarious too! It was the best!

I have been finding a TON of inspiriation lately over at Elsie's blog...
This post especially about 10 Holiday Polaroid Ideas

photo credit: Elsie Flannigan
Especially now since Im learning to crochet!
This one is definitely on the list!
I see some fun garland using these!

Speaking of crochet!
So Im learning...
it's hard to get the hang on it.
Josie's lil foot is so tiny for shoes (narrow) and I want her to have some "boots" for winter.
So I thought Id try...ya... NOT EASY...
So im going to buy her some on Etsy I think and learn in the mean time!
If you have any favorite crochet pattern places, link me up!
I am a member of Ravelry now too.
So that is a start.
I want to make her boots and slippers but it's a challenge following a pattern still.
I hope it's not just me.
So link me to some of your fave crochet sites!
Good Knit's is one of my faves currently!

It's going to be awesome!
Im glad I'll have this and learning to crochet during our slow season!

And a AC layout to share!!!

All Craft Fair line on this one! It might be fave line from this year!
Lil Josie during her newborn session at 10 days old!

Speaking of newborns,
Check out our Ulmer Studios Blog
A sweet lil newbie is posted over there.
Well g/g get Josie up.
Im battling another stupid head cold.
Hate these things!
2 in the past month!!
Darn winter weather!

The lil winner is
Christen Krumm said...
I am thankful for my new baby girl, Elsie and my hubby getting his dream job!!
Christen, send me your 
address & I'll send you out a lil something.


  1. Looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving! We don't celebrate it in the UK, but I'm starting to wish we did. :)

    Here's a link to one of my favourite crochet sites

  2. That is a SUPER sweet LO : ) I've just started to crochet as well, I'm making a granny square blanket for my daughter. i learnt off of youtube! There are some realy great tutorials there : ) Have fun! Anne

  3. Love that layout. Super cute photo

  4. I love your layout!! I'm wanting to learn how to make granny squares :) I'll be using a mixture of YouTube and my sister ! Haha! Good luck on the boots and slippers. I have a feeling I'm going to have the same problem with Elsie.., she's sooo tiny! :)


  5. What kind of photo booth did you set up? That's such a good idea!!

  6. ooo LOVE #2 that family shot is awesome GORGEOUS!