Friday, January 22, 2010

Heavy Hearted- Haiti

I've been MIA due to having a personal connection to the massive earthquake in Haiti.
You may remember this post on our
regarding dear friends of ours, Mike & Missy Wilson, in the adoption process of a
precious lil girl in Haiti.
Well, when we heard of the news that the earthquake had hit, our hearts hit the floor.
We rushed to twitter to check the updates from this family.
Another member of the Wilson Family, Katie Erie, was in Haiti at the orphanage that Tia (the Wilson's soon to be adopted daughter) was at. They were finally able to get a hold of Katie to find out miraculous news that the orphange that they were located at in Carrefour, right out side of Port Au Prince, was shaken but everyone was out alive & safe.
Praise God were the first words that left our lips.
Once they were located, the next step was getting them home.
Katie & Brent returned first.
Mike stayed 6 days in Haiti trying to get her home.
Finally Humanitarian Parole was granted to the orphans in Haiti.
Tia was going to be processed.
Their story was seen on CNN, NBC Nightly News, all the local stations & them some.
Here is the story of their homecoming on NBC Nightly News.
So many prayers.
Now, the next task is bringing the rest of the 45 orphans in this orphanage home to their new parents here in the US.
Brent Gambrell Ministries is in the process of making that happen.

You can read the story of the time in Haiti & things that are still underway on his blog here.
His documentation of his time in Haiti after the earthquake are amazing.
If you wish to donate to an organization that is working directly w/the orphanages in Haiti & bringing these babies home,
please visit
They have a team on the ground right now working on getting those babies out of there.
Josh was able to attend the homecoming at a small local airport at 5am.
Here are some photos from that.

Tia is now home.
With her new family.
In her new girly room.
It's been amazing seeing all the videos on Facebook of her seeing her room for the first time.
Twit pics of her first American dinner of tacos.
The princess crown that she is sporting around the house.
We can't wait to hang w/them & meet sweet Tia.
So please continue to pray for this family.
Continue to pray for the other babies that have yet to make it to their new homes here in America.


  1. wow. what an amazing story. thank you so much for sharing. she is beautiful.

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    These stories have been touching my heart! I've seen several of them on t.v. and it is really scary. Glad to see everything worked out fine for Tia. And will be praying all the other kids will soon make it to their homes in the U.S. Love, Jess

  3. I can't take my eyes off of the news, etc. We have no kids yet, as newlyweds. We want them someday soon, but my heart goes out to all of the children, and part of me wants to adopt one now. But for sure will donate, great post!

  4. es una historia realmente especial de amor y lucha ante todo ese dolor tan grande en haiti y el saber que la peke estaba bien! es un milagro y se que es gran bendicion para todos, y seguiremos orando por ella.
    un beso grande desde españa

  5. this is such a beautiful post. welcome home Tia.