Monday, January 11, 2010

Shiny & New

The New Blog!
Whatcha think of the makeover?
Thanks again to Jessi for the help w/getting everything set up!
Contact her if you are interested in a Blog Makeover!
She is awesome to work with!

I have a fun family session to share!
Your probably thinking...
You just shared a family session...
Well... ya.
Since we are photographers ourselves, it's very rare to get all 3 of us in front of the camera.
Our friends, Jordan & Landon Thompson of Landon Jacob Products came home for Christmas & spent a few mins with us in our backyard to capture some shots of us as a family.
These were taken by Jordan and post processed by us.
These are some of our favorites!

Such a fun 15 mins in the backyard!
It was super cold so we didn't stay long but got some super sweet fun shots!

She is 10 months old today.
I can't believe it.
I need to start planning her First Birthday Party!
Im in shock that it has flown by.
She is a crawling machine.
She is eating very well.
Somedays she is interested in food, somedays not so much.
That is the beauty of Baby Led Weaning.
It's ok that they don't eat a ton of solids every day.
She is still nursing full time.
5 times a day.
She is still sleeping 12-13hrs a night.
Taking 2 naps a day.
And is a bundle of fun.. as you can see from that last lil set of photos.
She keeps us laughing.
She is so much fun.
Full of smiles & laughter.
Cutting her 5th tooth I believe.

Here are some shots of her in our first lil snow.

We just sat her out there on a blanket for a few mins.
She loves looking at the snow out the window.
It was so cute!

I am so excited about the Style School Class I am taking by Elsie & Leigh-Ann

Excited about all the fun things Im gonna make!

Super inspired lately by
Love this shot I saw on her blog.
Lovely granny squares huh?

I am almost done w/Josie's granny square blanket.
Just one large square.
Pumpkin, Rasberry, Cream, then trimmed in green.
Love it!

Ill be adding more links to my "Photographers" & "Crafters" drop down menus up there this week!


  1. Love the new look, Amber! Josie is such a doll-baby! MY Josie loves looking at pics of her- she's completely smitten ;)
    Blessings to you, your family and your photography biz in 2010!

  2. Papa Ulm is very proud of these kids

  3. These are so precious! What a beautiful baby girl you have!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos, she's beautiful! And funny about the blog thing, I too just tried typepad and switched back to blogger, good choice:-)

    ~Tamara Nicole~

  5. your new blog as absolutely stunning. the talent and lovliness is just oozing out of my computer screen.

    happy 10 months josie!!

  6. I know I already told josh this, but you seriously have one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. CUTE AS A BUTTON!

  7. The three of you are so gorgeous I almost can't stand it!!

  8. Anonymous12:32 AM

    great new look and such lovely shots!!


  9. Love the new blog, and your family photos are gorgeous. Your daughter is too cute for words! XxX

  10. oooh josie's blanket sounds awesome!! you're gonna have to post pictures!!


  11. She is just the swwetest little girl! Thank you for suggesting the BLW. I just got the book, and hubby and I think it makes so much sense. We can't wait to get started her in a few months!

  12. The blog is cute and so are the photos!!! I can't wait to see Josephine's blanket!!! :-)

  13. So, the fact that you switched blogs was totally lost on me! I really need to stop skimming blogs when I'm busy...I lose people that way! I'm glad I rediscovered you the bleubird blog! Hugs! Bekka

    PS -- GREAT job on the hat! I made one for my kitty. Pathetic, right? Haha -- might be a sign that I'm ready for a lil one.

  14. your daughter is adorable and these pictures are beautiful!!

  15. These pictures are GORGEOUS!! Josephine is so adorable!

  16. so adorable family!

  17. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Sweet Josie is just so photogenic!

  18. those pictures turned out so pretty! I think your blog looks beautful, but i don't know what it looked like before. :/

    so glad i found your blog, it's lovely!

    xo, katie

  19. She is so adorable Amber!! :) Love those pics..and those hats! :)
    Hope you guys are doing well :)

  20. Your little girl is so adorable! She has such pretty eyes! =)