Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter & Camera Questions

I received a few questions regarding our equipment as well as what I use to print my scrapbooking photos so I'll answer those!
1. amber, i have a question for you...where do you print your photos for scrapbooking? do you use your professional lab? or a cheaper place like snapfish?
I actually just use my printer here at the house. It's a Canon iP1700. Several years old. but I don't scrap enough right now to place an order & I always have new photos I want to do. I do things on a whim, whenever I have the time so this is the best thing for me. I have been ordering 50 free 4x6 from places like seehere.com & kodak

2. .what's your fav lens to keep on your camera for those great captures in the park?
For this lil venture it was our 50mm 1.4. Remember to stay in the shade if you can. Harsh sunlight across the face & shadows in the eye sockets come from direct sunlight. Put the subjects back toward the sun to help!
We shoot w/a Canon 5 D Mark II. The 50mm stays on our camera most of the time, However we do LOVE our 85mm 1.8 as well. :) 

Speaking of camera questions, I'd love to open up a Q& A if anyone has anything!
So ask away!

For now, here is our Sweet Easter Girl...

Thanks for all the suggestions on the hair pulling thing.
I have heard of that "trichotillomania in infants" but I don't think that is it b/c she only wants to do while nursing at night. It's more of a comfort thing I think... I used to suck my thumb so I wonder if that is her thing.
Anyway... I have remedied the problem for now by sewing Velcro into her sleep tops so that I can close her sleeves but then open them for morning time but then close them again for her nap so we don't have to do any changing. Hoping that a few more weeks of this & she'll have broken the habit. If not, we will just go a lil longer... or try that doll w/hair she can pull on.

Off to do some studying for an E-session we have this afternoon!


  1. is that Liberty of London dress not the best?? I bought it for my niece and I am going to embellish it with a big flower at the waist :)

    gorgeous photos - hope your easter was wonderful!


  2. Seriously, your daughter is simply the cutest thing around!

    I do have a question, not so much camera related, as it is photo set up. It always seems that you are wearing bright colours in most of your photos. Is this planned, or just how you dress day to day? The grey shirt with the purple accents - in love! I wish I could come up with pretty outfits like I see others doing.

  3. josephine could not be more beautiful. seriously precious.

    so with your home printer, you don't have to worry about longevity/archival quality? it's as good as from any lab? thanks!!

  4. Love the pics and your girl is fab! Quick question: Why is it that most photographers seem to like the 50mm and the 85mm lens better than the 35mm? You would think that the 35mm would be a better choice for group shots , no?
    JULIE B.

  5. julie,
    thanks so much for your compliment!
    I do always dress pretty bright & colorful... mainly b/c that is who I am. So... in turn... it makes the photos pop! :)

  6. julie b,
    good question, i have never used a prime 35mm myself... we have a canon 17-40mm 4.0 wide angle that we use for group shots so that would cover the 35mm range.

  7. Hannah9:36 AM

    I'm 17 and I'm thinking of going into photography on the side. Just wondering what type of camera you would suggest I get. And any books/websites that would be good starters Thanks!

  8. hannah,
    i don't have an email for ya or else I shoot you an email... but i started w/a canon rebel xt & a canon 50mm 1.8 lens. can't go wrong!
    also, Bryan Peterson's book, Understanding Exposure. Also... do NOT put your camera in automatic mode! start in AV... and walk through that book!
    that will give you a great start!

  9. just happened to see a comment about hair pulling. my daughter would pull *my* hair while nursing when she was little...to go to sleep. now at 2, i still find her running her fingers through her hair at bedtime...i think it can be a comfort thing...? good luck!