Thursday, April 01, 2010

JBS...JBS...& JBS....

So I've been a lil MIA lately due to working on the newest April JBS Mercantile KIT!
I am the Guest for April & was super stoked to be apart of it!
Jenni & Doris also have been featuring artists on the Inspiration Blog for the month & asked me to do some things as well. 
Here are the layouts I did w/the Homespun Product!
I love them so much!

The colors & patterns just make me so happy!

To see the Design Team Gallery for the April Kit,
We are all going to be adding some things for the next couple days so keep checking back for new inspiration!

I love Jenni's products & kits for so many reasons.
Mainly b/c the patterns & colors are so up my alley & there are several papers I wish I could turn into fabrics for colors or to cover pillow with. 
Wouldn't that be a nice invention? 
A machine that could turn anything into fabric?! 

So I need some advice from my readers that might have encountered this...
Josephine has been pulling her hair out in on spot.
She only does it at night while we are nursing to sleep & probably does it to fall asleep in her crib. 
It's a pretty nice area that is now just lil spikes.
Last night we tried something we saw suggested.
Sew the sleeves to a long sleeve shirt or onsie closed so she can't have her fingers out to pull her hair.
I was worried she'd freak out or wake up at night. 
But neither.
At least not last night.
So we are going to try that for a few nights & see how that goes.
I've tried giving her a toy to play with while we nurse to sleep like she does when she nurses during the day but she still tries to pull her hair w/her other hand. 
I can't decide if she likes the sensation or is just bored. 
I think she likes the sensation b/c having a toy didn't really help much.
So... has anyone else encountered this?
What did you do?
Any suggestions?
Her hair is getting so long in the back but she has trimmed her bangs & pulled out a section of her hair in the front.
Thanks to any advice!

Oh, we've got a bunch of photos from our Family Park Day yesterday posted over at 
Here is one of my faves...



  1. The behavior you described sounds like trichotillomania. Don't freak out, it's really not as scary as it sounds! You can google it for more info. I would google "trichotillomania in infants" because it's different for kids under two. At that age it is likely to just be a habit like sucking her thumb that she'll out grow instead of a disorder. Behavior modification often works for children if it is more serious. You're right in discouraging the behavior now. You can try substituting her hair for dolls hair.

    I'm not an experet by any means, I just did a research paper on it in college while studying child development. You may want to mention it to her doctor on the next visit.

    I hope this was helpful!

  2. beautiful layouts...and park pics! i love j's little rainbow t.

    no advice on the hair pulling. hopefully she'll grow out of it? am still trying to find someone to explain why our son likes to make himself throw up when he's mad! seriously just sticks his fist down his throat. so gross. has anyone ever heard of that??

    also amber, i have a question for you...where do you print your photos for scrapbooking? do you use your professional lab? or a cheaper place like snapfish?

  3. love the layouts...I too have the same question as above..your photos are so so beautiful..clarity and color ..AMAZING..and one more ?..what's your fav lens to keep on your camera for those great captures in the park?

  4. great pics!!!! so sweet!

    thought of you guys after reading this. food for thought.

  5. We have the same issue with our 2 yr old little guy. He would just play with my hair when he would nurse and as his hair got longer he started doing it to his, but more than playing, pulling it out. He had a nice bald spot in the front last year at this time and it seemed to slow down, but now he is back to pulling it out again. I have always twisted my hair so it is not only that he has seen me do it, but a comfort sensation to him as well. I have tried to distract him with toys and give him a crocheted lovey to wrap his fingers in while he is sleepy,but sorry to say, nothing has worked. I noticed at our last doctors appointment that she had put trichotillomania on his chart and I'll admit, it did freak me out a bit. I don't know how else to stop him either. Sorry---this isn't any help, but just thought knowing that someone else is going thru the same thing would be of some comfort! My doctor did say if it continues to be a huge problem as he gets older we *might* need to see a psychologist :( I could see though that it might be harder with a girl because you want her hair long, whereas I could always v=cut his super short...which has been suggested. Ahh the challenges of motherhood!! Keep your chin up and I will add you and J to my prayers..that we can BOTH get it resolved!! :)