Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pinterest Nusery Inspo for "The Boy"

So we've decided on a theme for "the boy's" room... Woodland Creatures! Josephine's room is a "bird + vintage floral theme" so we felt it complimented her's nicely. If you haven't seen Josephine nursery, check out her feature HERE over at On To Baby.

So Josh introduced ME to Pinterest... I LOVE that my husband is into all this kinda stuff...
Anyway... needless to say, I'm everyone else who starts a pinterest account.
If you are on pinterest, FIND ME!

I've created a board just for "the boy's" room & here are some of the definite additions...

Vintage Owls + Word Prints

Yellow Woodgrain fabric for his crib bumper.

Shade of yellow, gray, & powder blue

Love these little stuffed owls.

Felt Woodland Creature Mobile but made by my sweet friend, Tobi Weldon of Ivey Handcrafted.

So that should paint a pretty good picture. We will had dark furniture to go along w/the Woodland Theme which will be crazy cute I think. I am going to look at an orange 1970's plush rocker that I hope will work great in his room too!

So we are at 18 weeks now...
Feeling great still... minus the head cold we all had this past week... still recovering. I forgot how horrible it is to have a cold + being pregnant. The exhaustion is intense. Glad that much is over with at least.

We have been so busy with working on our summer weddings that we've had virtually NO time to look through & process the recent photos of Josephine or us lately... it's really pulling on my heart today so we must make time for it this weekend. I do have a 18 weeks belly photo & a cute photo of Josephine touching my belly to share though...
It's so funny, after the ultrasound we had a few weeks ago for gender, whenever someone asks Josephine about her little brother, she tells them "he's under mama's belly" and lifts my shirt. Totally precious.

I've been doing some nesting the past 2-3 weeks... we got new couches... scored on Craigslist!

Crazy awesome chartreuse green! Love them so much!  We haven't hung things yet above the love seat b/c that was the wall our tv was on... which has now changed to the wall across from the large couch... so things are still a WIP but we'll do a reveal when it's all said & done... which is hopefully before "the boy" arrives. 

So that is the latest happenings over at the Ulmer house... 
If there is something you would like me to touch on blogging... anything photography or baby/mama related, leave a comment here & I'll work up a post!


  1. congrats on your pregnancy! You look gorgeous! So cool that you are having a boy. I have an 8 year old girl and a nearly 6 year old boy and I feel blessed.
    I love pinterest and just followed you. I have quite a lot of boards set up with lots of eye candy if you want to check mine out!

  2. Maria Mauthe8:50 PM

    I was in my fave fave fave store last weekend called The Three French Hens and its sister store The Roost in Nolensville. I saw a dresser that was refurbished and had the panels of the drawers in the owl fabric. I actually thought of you for some reason when I saw that and thought I should tell you. So, after reading your post and realizing that is your theme, you should really check it out. Plus, you should really check out the stores. They are absolutely incredible. Refinished and repurposed antique stores.

  3. SO excited to be a part of your nursery ;) love you guys

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