Friday, January 10, 2014

Reuben Monroe. 2.

My son. My dear sweet son. I can't believe how time has flown by.
I have 2 brothers. Always babysat boys when I was growing up.
I was so thrilled when we discovered that I was having a son.
If you have a son, you know that there is some kinda crazy connection between a mother & son. I can't explain it.
It's a feeling. It's a sensation that you can feel in your body when you smell their sweet whispy hair that covers their head.
It's intense. It's magical.
He is always on the go. I mean...never stops until we are rocking in his chair at night in the dark with the sound machine on & he's rubbing his tag on his "bankie". He barely pauses enough in the daytime to look me straight in the eye.
He talks a mile a minute & is a broken record most of the time.
His curls captivate me. Even if his curls in the back of his head are a matted mess most of the time from sleeping on his back. They are long & whispy & so very soft. I envy them.
He loves Lightning McQueen & Mater from Car, Thomas the Train, Buzz Lightyear & Woody. So much so that they all have to sleep with him in his crib.
He throws everything.
He stands & climbs on everything.
He is rowdy.
He is boy.
And I love him.

I took him out on his birthday on December 21st & tried to snap some photos of him. He is SO hard to photograph. Nearly impossible.
I'll share a few of my favorites.



  1. My heart aches. I miss you all. He is a looker already! And so big!

  2. He looks exactly like you. <3 so happy you're blogging.

  3. These are so sweet, Amber! Such a handsome little man! There really are no words to describe the mother and son connection. Its just awesome.