Thursday, January 16, 2014

What I Wore | 1

This week, we had our first meeting day in a very long time. Running our own business out of our home with two children under 5 is quite eventful on it's own & trying to pause & wrap our heads around what we want to do in 2014 has not been able to happen. More on that later.
This is a What I Wore post, not a goals, hopes & dreams post.
As a busy mom/business owner, I stay home with the kids more often than going out. So when we have the chance to go out, I like to dig somethings out of my closet & put something together.
I always gravitate toward floral. Always.
And with it being winter season, plaid is another fave I reach for. I happen to have two of those things that the color palette worked out with! I love playing with texture so adding a chunky grandpa style cardigan is always a go-to item for me. The outfit is feminine but not girly. I love that look.

Checkered Top: Forever 21
Chunky Grandpa Cardigan: Forever 21
Floral Leggings: Charming Charlie
Fringe Booties: Target

Did you like the first edition of What I Wore? If so, let me know. If you want me to feature certain styles or pieces, comment below! Really excited about this category!! 


  1. Love it! I think anything you wear is awesome. I should force myself to do one of these sometime, I need to get dressed in something more than a leotard and tights, although with it being winter in Washington I stay in a lot!

  2. love your style and the price point of each item. dying over how cute those boots are! did you get them from target recently?

  3. Shannon, Thanks!!! I got them online from Target in the Fall!

  4. you're so pretty. i wish i could pull off your style. where is your turquoise ring from??